Top 10 Wildest Moments From Iowa State Fair Campaigning

After 11 days, 21 presidential candidates and a whole lot of pork chops-on-a-sticks eaten, the 2015 Iowa State Fair has (sadly) come to a close. It will likely be remembered as the most political caucus Fair for some time, with every legitimate candidate save for Rand Paul showing up. Team Starting Line was on hand for all but one candidate (missed Jeb Bush) to bring you every moment. Here’s our list of the 10 best ones: 1. Trump Buzzes Hillary in Helicopter, Tells Child “I Am Batman” It’s doubtful many other moments during the 2016 Iowa Caucus campaign will stick […]

Steve King Says It’s Legal, So I Tried To Marry My Lawnmower

“You could marry your lawnmower with this decision,” Iowa Congressman Steve King said last week about the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Something about that statement didn’t seem very… accurate. But hey, this is an elected member of the U.S. Congress, responsible for crafting the nation’s laws. So Starting Line decided to do a little fact-checking of our own on this topic. That’s right, I actually tried to marry my lawnmower. I wheeled her out of the garage, placed her in the car and took her down to the Polk County Recorder’s office in downtown Des Moines to […]

10 Ways Ashton Kutcher Would Be A Better Governor Than Terry Branstad

Governor Terry Branstad sure has gotten unpopular recently. Maybe it’s time for a change. But who should replace him? Hmm, how about…. Iowa native Ashton Kutcher? Sure, why not? Here’s a list of why we think Governor Kutcher would be much, much better than Governor Branstad, in the form of an obvious clickbait article (in reference to Deeth’s most-read post ever): 1. Four words: First Lady Mila Kunis 2. Instead of state tax returns in the form of checks, Iowans are mailed free DVD copies of The Butterfly Effect and Dude, Where’s my Car? 3. Debi Durham is replaced as […]

America Is Saved! “The Chosen One” Donald Trump Announces 2016 Bid

God Himself smiled upon America and the world on Tuesday, allowing the great Donald Trump – job-creator extraordinaire, reality TV host and builder of things – to officially launch his candidacy for President of the United States. In his incredible, not-at-all-crazy announcement speech, Trump demonstrated that reading from a script was for those “losers” and “incompetent” establishment candidates, laying out his ideas and thoughts in an off-the-cuff manner that only someone of Trump’s intellect can accomplish. “Make America Great Again” was the slogan put forth by the nation’s savior, and Trump was not shy in calling out what caused the […]

The Best Reactions to Ross Paustian’s Reading Habits

During a high-profile debate on collective bargaining rules and education funding, Republican State Representative Ross Paustian decided to crack open a book entitled “Sex After Sixty.” Des Moines Register reported Brianne Pfannenstiel snapped a photo of the Scott County legislator, which quickly went viral in the Iowa polito-sphere. Starting Line compiled a number of the best/funniest reactions to the moment:   The Tweet that started it all: Rep. Paustian clearly engaged in this debate. #ialegis — Brianne Pfannenstiel (@brianneDMR) March 17, 2015 Iowa Gif-t Shop had a field day: Twitter Had Some Fun: @IAStartingLine figuring out how those […]

How Much Did Leslie Knope’s City Council Campaign Cost?

NBC’s Parks and Recreation’s seven-year run ends tonight with their series finale. Leslie Knope’s drive, decent humanity and love for her town built a loyal following of fans for the show. However, one thing always bothered me: the cost of her campaign for City Council in Season 4. Seriously, a bus tour? I’ve run several local legislative races around Iowa, and I was amazed at what she chose to spend on for her campaign in the fictional town of Pawnee. So as the book closes on our favorite Indiana government employee, I decided to add up all the expenses from […]

The Republican Bachelor – Who’s In Iowa for the Right Reasons?

Just as the Republican presidential race heats up in Iowa, the state’s own Chris Soules will be ending his much-hyped run on ABC’s The Bachelor. Sorry to disappoint, Democratic ladies, but Chris is a big Republican. He’s already met several of the presidential hopefuls, and Starting Line strongly believes that Chris will publicly endorse in the Iowa Caucus. Don’t discount him as just some reality TV star. He’s the most popular leading man The Bachelor has had in years, particularly in his native Iowa. An endorsement could grab attention from a large base of young people who aren’t typically engaged […]