Trump’s Support Of Roy Moore Crosses New Lines

I thought I had seen it all in politics, but I guess I haven’t. Also, just to let everyone know, I’m not some Yankee telling Southerners how to run their politics. Chattanooga, Tennessee, right over the Alabama line, is on my birth certificate and I have any number of relatives in that lovely state. However, this is not about where you are from. The President came out in support of the alleged philanderer and possible pedophile Roy Moore because he quoted him as saying he “didn’t do it” as opposed to 8 – 10 women who said he did. Do […]

Iowa Now Dead Last In GDP Growth Under All-Republican Control

Very bad news this week for both Governor Kim Reynolds and the Republican-controlled Iowa Legislature. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported the second quarter economic growth by state (GDP). Iowa’s economic growth was a negative .7%, dead last among all 50 states. Of the 50 states, 48 had positive growth in this period. Only Iowa (-.7%) and South Dakota (-.3%) had a negative growth rate. While one quarter’s performance doesn’t predict future growth, it’s a huge embarrassment for the Iowa Republican Party. The Republican Governor and the GOP control majorities in both branches of the Legislature and have […]

GOP Awards Massive Tax Cuts To Companies Sitting On Piles Of Money

Why can’t Republicans just be honest about their massive tax cuts? They want to give the bulk of their massive tax cuts to the richest Americans and profitable corporations while claiming their cuts benefit middle class Americans. They allege that their proposal to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%, an enormous 42% cut, will benefit the middle class. Various tax policy research groups have analyzed the Republicans’ claims and agree the biggest winners are the richest Americans and the most profitable companies, not the middle class. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center reports that, “higher-income households would get […]

GOP Tax Reform: Winners And Losers

As the Republican Congress wraps up its “Tax Reform and Jobs” bill, the committee and floor debates provide a stark contrast on how the two parties see the state of the economy and the role of government. The Republicans argue that allowing “hard-working taxpayers to decide how to spend their hard-earned money is preferable to letting government bureaucrats spend your money on services you don’t need or want.” They predict that the economy will grow by 4-6% a year and that the deep cuts in what will be permanent corporate tax rates will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs […]

How Iowa GOP Legislators’ Actions Have Hurt Veterans

This past week, Progress Iowa, a statewide organization representing over 70,000 progressive Iowans, issued a stunning research report on the legislature’s treatment of Iowa veterans. The report details 25 ways in which Iowa Republican Legislators voted against the interests of Iowa veterans. The last legislative session forced severe cuts to various veterans’ programs. The GOP legislators ignored Democrats’ objections and refused to listen or negotiate on these destructive Republican bills. They rammed through bills that slashed services and programs benefiting Iowa veterans. In addition, many veterans were stripped of their rights as a result of the Republicans’ attacks on collective […]

A Letter To Members Of The Democratic Party

As a political junkie, when I am not listening to the machinations and tweets of Donald Trump, I find myself listening to Democrats continuously berate themselves over the last election. Some blame Hillary, some blame the party apparatus, and many blame the Russians or WikiLeaks. So far, no one, except Trump, has foisted blame on a 400 lb. fat guy operating out of his bedroom. I just have one basic question to all the Democrats as they hand ring. Given all the problems of the Democrat party, compared to the Republican Party, which one has the most problems to overcome? […]

The House GOP’s Tax Plan Is A “Bait And Switch”

The Republicans in both the House and Senate are falsely promoting their scam tax proposals as a big benefit to the middle class. Several tax experts have looked at the House plan and describe it as a Republican “Bait and Switch.” In an obvious attempt to convince the public to support their plan, they primarily exaggerate the tax cuts (bait) to middle class Americans.  They minimize the size of cuts that go to the richest Americans. Multiple analyses show the greatest winners in the GOP House tax scam is the (switch) richest Americans. In addition, they suggest the huge 42% […]

The Republican Party’s Family Values Are Bankrupt

The Republican Party claims to be the party that best represents Christian family values. They have long stated that America is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. They bragged for years that only their political positions best protect American families. They have arrogantly demanded that only their party can define America’s morality. The latest blow to the Republicans’ claim as the guardian or model of America’s morality is the accusation that Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore, is a child molester. The GOP’s morality myth was exposed once again by accusations that the Moore pursued teenage girls while he was […]

What Every American Should Ask: Which Party Do You Trust On Healthcare?

When a major piece of legislation on healthcare or American’s retirement is brought before the Congress, which party would you rather have in power? A look at historical voting patterns might give some answers. One piece of legislation practically all Americas support was the passage of Medicare. Medicare was voted in by the House of Representatives on March 29, 1965. At the beginning of the 89th Congress, there were 295 Democrats and 140 Republicans in the House. The vote on the final passage of Medicare was 237 yeas on the Democratic side with 48 nays (8 not voting and 2 […]

Why Can’t Iowa’s First Female Governor Act Decisively Against Sexual Harassment?

Kirsten Anderson, the former communication director for the Iowa Senate Republicans, is speaking out after winning $1.75 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit against them. In an interview Wednesday with Des Moines Register columnist Kathie Obradovich, Anderson expressed her disappointment with the Republicans’ response to her lawsuit. “I don’t think we’re done yet,” Anderson said. “It is a tremendous disappointment to me to see that there has not been a thorough investigation, that we haven’t seen any of the results.” Anderson renewed her criticism of Senate Republican leader Bill Dix for failing to thoroughly investigate her allegations following the jury verdict […]