Will Nate Boulton’s Quick Rise Take Him To Governor’s Office?

Nate Boulton is not the type of candidate that Iowa Democrats have usually put up for statewide office over the past few cycles. He does not have a famous last name. He has served in public office for just four months. At 37, he is the youngest member of the Senate Democratic caucus. The “powers-that-be” have not pushed him forward. But there’s one more way Boulton differs from many past candidates: he’s exciting the Democratic base. The East Des Moines senator had his breakout moment in Iowa politics early this year. Just a month into his first term in the Iowa […]

The Case For Staying Involved In 2017

The people of the state of Iowa have been subjected to arguably the most sweeping, malicious legislation in the state’s recent memory. Public schools and family planning services were underfunded. Collective bargaining rights have been quashed, local minimum wages were preempted and lowered, workers compensation laws intentionally weakened, strict limitations passed on abortions, gun restrictions were loosened, a discriminatory and costly voter identification law was passed, and that is only to name a few. However, the worst part of the legislative session is not one particular bill or issue – it is the fact that we are only halfway through […]

Democrats’ Plan To Retake The Iowa House Starts With You

As the 2017 legislative session draws to a close, many Iowans want to know what they can do to hold Republican legislators accountable and win back the Statehouse for Democrats. Many eyes are focused on the big gubernatorial race, but the battle for control of the Iowa House will be a prominent fight as well. And for activists who want to make GOP legislators pay for their votes, there’s no shortage of vulnerable swing district House Republicans they can impact. This week Leader Mark Smith and House Democrats are rolling out a new effort to begin targeting those districts early on. Calling it their House Builder […]

Where Are They Now: Recent Iowa Political Hires Round-Up

In the world of Iowa politics, people move around from job to job a lot. This is especially so in the months after an election, as former campaign staffers figure out their next move. It hasn’t been an easy transition for many Democratic operatives, as when all your candidates lose in an election, there’s not that many landing spots in government to go to. But plenty of talented, experienced political staffers and former candidates find new opportunities all the time. Here’s an update on some Iowa politicos that you might know, and where they’ve moved to in the last month […]

Des Moines’ GPS Consulting Shop Expands In Iowa, National Politics

GPS Impact, the Des Moines-based political consulting operation, is expanding its reach once again in Iowa and national politics with several new hires. Trent Schacht, a well-known Iowa digital strategist, is joining the Iowa office. Julia Rosen, their new Director of Digital Strategy who held top positions at ActBlue and MoveOn.org, will be based in Brooklyn. And communications strategist Channing Ansley Grace and Brandon Davis, who served as SEIU’s political director and the DNC Chief of Staff, will head up their new D.C. office. Founded in Des Moines in 2013 by Mark Langgin, Jim Kottmeyer and Roy Temple, GPS now has additional […]

Johnson County Auditor Travis Weipert Eyes Secretary Of State Run

Throughout the debate over Secretary of State Paul Pate’s voter ID bill, the most vocal and consistent critic came from Johnson County. County Auditor Travis Weipert attended nearly every committee meeting and public hearing that discussed the bill, pushing back on Pate and Republicans’ assertions on voter fraud and challenging the need for new voting restrictions that would make it harder for Iowans to vote. Now Weipert, 36, may face off with Pate at the ballot box next November. “I’ve been meeting with auditors of both parties across the state, and there’s wide agreement we need new leadership in the […]

Beds Of Sticks – How Polk County Democrats Can Move Forward

Guest post from Sean Bagniewski There’s a Chinese parable about a king whose army was defeated and whose kingdom was taken by a warring neighbor.  Legend has it that he was imprisoned and forced into labor.  Upon his release, he slept on a bed of sticks every night to remember how badly he hated losing and to reinforce how much he wanted to get his kingdom back.  After ten years of preparations, he did and he took the territory of his former rival. After the 2016 elections, Iowa Democrats have no U.S. Senator, only one member of Congress, and only […]

Tom Harkin To Co-Host DNC Chair Forum On Disability Community Inclusion

As the race for Democratic National Convention chair enters into the final stretch in February, many branches of the party are hosting forums with the seven major contenders. The national party’s Disability Caucus plans on hosting a virtual forum this upcoming Sunday, February 12th, at 7:00 pm CST. Former Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and former California Senator Tom Coelho will co-host the discussion. They were the co-sponsors of the Americans with Disabilities Act, passed back in 1990. Iowa’s Catherine Crist is also playing a key role in organizing and moderating the forum. She’s the national co-chair of the Association of Democratic Disability […]

Outside Iowa Mosque, O’Malley Blasts Muslim Ban As “Emperor-Like Edict”

Martin O’Malley was in Iowa this weekend as the full effects of President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from Muslim countries rippled across the nation. He added a stop between his two campaign events for Iowa House Democrats to address the ban, standing outside the Mother Mosque in Cedar Rapids, the longest-standing mosque in North America. Calling Trump’s executive order an “emperor-like edict,” O’Malley cautioned where it might lead the country. “This is appalling conduct,” O’Malley said of the President’s actions. “It is unbecoming of the presidency and the people of the United States. Good people everywhere need to stand […]

Early Signs Encouraging For Democratic Takeback In 2018

For Democrats still shellshocked by their sweeping defeat in the 2016 election and depressed by Donald Trump’s inauguration, any positive sign for the future was been very welcome. A sense of optimism is necessary not just for grassroots activism to fight the new Republican agenda, but also to recruit Democratic candidates to run for key offices in 2018. Many Democrats in Iowa are concerned that 2016 wasn’t simply an aberration, but the start of a shift in voting trends. Pointing out that Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote by three million is cold comfort to Iowans who saw their state go from […]