Candidate Updates: Kiernan In, Carberry & Blake Out, Glasson Maybe

While the Donald Trump presidency disintegrates before the nation’s eyes in non-stop breaking news stories, local politics marches on in Iowa. Let’s do a quick round-up of recent news. Des Moines City Council The race for Des Moines City Council Ward 3 originally promised to be a closely-watched battle between longtime Republican incumbent Christine Hensley and Democratic environmental attorney Josh Mandelbaum. Hensley decided to retire from the seat instead a few weeks ago, and now the matchup will be between two well-known Des Moines Democrats (for now, anyway). Former IDP Chair Michael Kiernan officially entered the race yesterday, focusing his […]

In Iowa, Amy Klobuchar (Politely) Critiques Democrats’ Past Strategy

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s appearance last night at the Polk County Democrats’ Spring Dinner had all the hallmarks of a pre-Iowa Caucus event. She offered up many Iowa anecdotes and connections she has to the lead-off state, laid out a national vision for the party and explained a four-point policy approach in a nearly 40 minute speech. But even if she wasn’t rumored to have presidential aspirations, and even if this wasn’t Iowa, Klobuchar still gave a helpful addition to the Democratic Party’s continuing conversation on how to rebuild after the 2016 disaster. After a few hits on Donald Trump’s administration, she steered her […]

Moving Forward: Returning Democrats To A People’s Party

Hi! My name is Dallas, nice to meet you! A couple weeks from now, I’ll be graduating with a degree in politics from Loras College and have little to no idea what my future looks like. The 2016 election results shocked me as an Iowa Democrat, and I’ve been incredibly frustrated watching what’s transpired ever since, which is why I welcome you to the first edition of my column: Moving Forward. While we may have lost the battle in November, we can still win the war, so return here every two weeks for ideas on we can Move Forward as […]

Nate Boulton Kicks Off Gubernatorial Bid With Energetic Video

It’s official: State Senator Nate Boulton is running for Iowa Governor. Like, literally running. In an up-beat video that resembled a sports pep rally more than a typical campaign ad, Boulton showed off his marathon-running skills as he declared his candidacy. Asking Iowans to join the race with him, he touts his past success of suing the Branstad/Reynolds administration and opposing anti-worker Republican legislation. “I’m running for governor to fight back,” Boulton declares in his video. The decision to run caps off the first chapter in the recently-elected senator’s quick rise to prominence in Iowa politics (read our full profile of Boulton here). He’s […]

A Plea To 2020 Dems: Come To Iowa Now So We Can Move On

Bernie Sanders ended his campaign nearly ten months ago. Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump about six months ago. And yet, if you regularly peruse the online discussions of left-leaning voters and activists, you’d think we’re still smack dab in the heat of the Democratic primary. It has truly been the debate that never ends, and it really, really needs to end. Yesterday we predictably got another fresh round of Hillary hate and Hillary defense when Clinton sat down for an interview with Christiane Amanpour, during which they discussed parts of her failed campaign. What she said didn’t really matter online, as any […]

Will Nate Boulton’s Quick Rise Take Him To Governor’s Office?

Nate Boulton is not the type of candidate that Iowa Democrats have usually put up for statewide office over the past few cycles. He does not have a famous last name. He has served in public office for just four months. At 37, he is the youngest member of the Senate Democratic caucus. The “powers-that-be” have not pushed him forward. But there’s one more way Boulton differs from many past candidates: he’s exciting the Democratic base. The East Des Moines senator had his breakout moment in Iowa politics early this year. Just a month into his first term in the Iowa […]

The Case For Staying Involved In 2017

The people of the state of Iowa have been subjected to arguably the most sweeping, malicious legislation in the state’s recent memory. Public schools and family planning services were underfunded. Collective bargaining rights have been quashed, local minimum wages were preempted and lowered, workers compensation laws intentionally weakened, strict limitations passed on abortions, gun restrictions were loosened, a discriminatory and costly voter identification law was passed, and that is only to name a few. However, the worst part of the legislative session is not one particular bill or issue – it is the fact that we are only halfway through […]

Democrats’ Plan To Retake The Iowa House Starts With You

As the 2017 legislative session draws to a close, many Iowans want to know what they can do to hold Republican legislators accountable and win back the Statehouse for Democrats. Many eyes are focused on the big gubernatorial race, but the battle for control of the Iowa House will be a prominent fight as well. And for activists who want to make GOP legislators pay for their votes, there’s no shortage of vulnerable swing district House Republicans they can impact. This week Leader Mark Smith and House Democrats are rolling out a new effort to begin targeting those districts early on. Calling it their House Builder […]

Where Are They Now: Recent Iowa Political Hires Round-Up

In the world of Iowa politics, people move around from job to job a lot. This is especially so in the months after an election, as former campaign staffers figure out their next move. It hasn’t been an easy transition for many Democratic operatives, as when all your candidates lose in an election, there’s not that many landing spots in government to go to. But plenty of talented, experienced political staffers and former candidates find new opportunities all the time. Here’s an update on some Iowa politicos that you might know, and where they’ve moved to in the last month […]

Des Moines’ GPS Consulting Shop Expands In Iowa, National Politics

GPS Impact, the Des Moines-based political consulting operation, is expanding its reach once again in Iowa and national politics with several new hires. Trent Schacht, a well-known Iowa digital strategist, is joining the Iowa office. Julia Rosen, their new Director of Digital Strategy who held top positions at ActBlue and, will be based in Brooklyn. And communications strategist Channing Ansley Grace and Brandon Davis, who served as SEIU’s political director and the DNC Chief of Staff, will head up their new D.C. office. Founded in Des Moines in 2013 by Mark Langgin, Jim Kottmeyer and Roy Temple, GPS now has additional […]