“The ACA Saved My Life.” Ernst Called Out On Health Care Votes

“About two years ago, I walked into a doctor’s office with a nagging cough and walked out with a stage-four cancer diagnosis,” said Laura Packard, a cancer survivor and health care activist. “But I’m still here today because the Affordable Care Act saved my life.” Packard is now in remission, but says she couldn’t have afforded her six months of chemotherapy and month of radiation treatments without the Affordable Care Act – the one thing keeping her insurable. “If my cancer returns, I will be bankrupt or dead without good health insurance,” explained Packard. “That’s why we’re going around, state […]

Environmentalists Send Airborne Message To Joni Ernst On Climate

Climate change and environmental advocates flew a banner over the Iowa State Fairgrounds today, calling on Sen. Joni Ernst to acknowledge climate change and to act on policy. “We’re out here today because Iowans are feeling the impacts of climate change more than ever and seeing it first hand,” explained Jennessa Agnew, Deputy Field Director from the League of Conservation Voters. “Iowa Senators in D.C. aren’t even willing to acknowledge that this is something that’s happening,” Agnew said. “This year, we’ve seen record flooding across the state hurting families, farmers, the economy and the quality of life here in Iowa.” […]

Finance Committee Dems All Back Grassley Prescription Drug Bill

A bipartisan bill aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs was approved Thursday in the Senate Finance Committee led by Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley. A committee meeting spanning more than three hours ultimately gave way to a 19-9 vote in favor of the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act of 2019. The bill now is eligible for consideration before the full Senate, controlled by Grassley’s Republican Party. “This is the moment for the Senate to act,” said Grassley, a member of the chamber sinceĀ 1981. “We have jurisdiction over all of Medicare and Medicaid, so what we do here today really […]

What To Watch For In Prescription Drug Senate Committee Debate

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley is preparing to chair one of his most consequential committee meetings in recent years as Congress works to combat the soaring cost of prescription drugs in the United States. “The issue of skyrocketing prescription drug prices has been kicked down the road by members of Congress for far too long,” said Grassley in an op-ed published Wednesday by the Des Moines Register. “That’s why as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, I’m introducing legislation that will directly address the problem and provide relief to everyone struggling under outrageous drug prices.” The committee, of which Democratic Sen. […]