Guest Post: Ways To Protect Reproductive Freedoms In Iowa

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June 20, 2023

I write today with an urgent call to action to protect our reproductive freedoms. Iowans overwhelmingly support the right to chooseyet the battle has reached a critical point. While last week’s ruling narrowly upheld our right to abortion, we must confront the reality that there are still individuals who seek to limit our autonomy. They aim to strip us of the ability to make decisions that are best for ourselves and our families, infringing upon our fundamental rights.

As someone deeply invested in the well-being of our community, I am compelled to raise awareness about the challenges we face and the importance of continued advocacy.  

Last week’s order does not set a precedent, and Governor Reynolds has expressed her intention to pursue other measures to restrict our options. She can still convene a special session to introduce new bills or a state constitutional amendment, a possibility that emphasizes the need for continued effort to protect our freedoms. The governor’s agenda directly threatens our autonomy, disregarding our individual experiences as she attempts to impose her beliefs upon us. 

It is imperative that we come together, engage in open dialogue, and raise our voices in solidarity. I call upon everyone who believes in bodily autonomy to join in this movement. Attend rallies and support those dedicated to safeguarding autonomy. Share your personal stories and speak out against attempts to erode our rights. Educate others on the importance of preserving our freedoms and stand firm against those who seek to undermine them. We must join forces and rise together. Fortunately, people in our community are making that easier than ever. 

One exciting upcoming event is this Saturday’s “Roe Fell But We’re Still Fighting Benefit Concert.” Join Corridor Community Action Network (CCAN) and Repros for Iowa at Old Neighborhood Pub in Cedar Rapids from 6-10 p.m. for incredible performances, delicious food, and shared commitment. This concert serves as a rallying cry, urging us to unite and take meaningful steps toward preserving our freedoms.  

Saturday’s line-up boasts an array of talented performers passionate about supporting reproductive justice. From the thought-provoking lyrics of Miss Christine to the electronic beats of Rachel Saint, each act promises to inspire and ignite our collective spirit, reminding us of the power we hold when we stand together. Attending contributes directly to the vital work of organizations dedicated to protecting our rights and providing reproductive services. Proceeds from every entry ($10 suggested) and meal ($6) will support Emma Goldman Clinic and Iowa Abortion Access Fund, ensuring that our fight for bodily autonomy continues long after the final notes fade.

Moving forward, there are many ways you can make a difference. Go to monthly repro rights coffee chats hosted by CCAN and Repros for Iowa for open discussion, resource-sharing, and strategizing. Join a free training with the ACLU of Iowa to increase your knowledge and strengthen your advocacy. By participating in these events, we expand our reach, learn from one another, and foster a strong and resilient movement. 

You can also find your representatives’ info at Iowa Legislature – Find Your Legislator and reach out to them with your concerns.  

Another powerful way to contribute is by becoming a Planned Parenthood storyteller. Personal stories have the power to shape perspectives and ignite empathy. By sharing them, we humanize the experiences behind reproductive healthcare and showcase the importance of access to comprehensive education and services. 

However you choose to take part, now is the time to act. Join us in advocating for the fundamental right to make personal decisions about our own lives without unnecessary political interference. Let our  steps align, our values guide us, and our actions inspire others to join in.


by Mandi Remington, director of the Corridor Community Action Network.

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