IDP Chair Ross Wilburn to Press Charges After Lynching Threat

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Ross Wilburn knows he has two targets on his back at all times: He’s a high-profile public official and he’s Black.

Wilburn, a state representative and chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, is used to being on the receiving end of racist remarks; however, three incidents earlier this month, including a threat of lynching, caused him to reach out to law enforcement for help.

The first occurred when he received an anonymous voicemail Saturday, Oct. 9, that referenced him being lynched. Wilburn had an op-ed published in the Des Moines Register that day criticizing former President Donald Trump—who was in Des Moines for a rally—and Wilburn thinks that was the impetus for the messages.

The next day, Wilburn received another anonymous message filled with explicit language, including calling him the N-word, but it included no threats of violence. The following day, he received an email to his legislative address that also included racist language.

“Unfortunately, these types of threats are not uncommon for myself or other people of color serving in public roles,” Wilburn said during a media session on Tuesday.

Wilburn’s initial reaction to the messages was anger, but that turned to frustration and exhaustion.

“You get numb to it because it happens—like I said, it’s not uncommon—but when you introduce racist language, stereotypes, and those types of things and violent actions, that’s when it kicks it up a notch,” he said.

For people asking to see proof, Wilburn said it shouldn’t matter and that the discourse surrounding public meetings around the country and state shows what happened to him isn’t farfetched.

“Putting me aside, look at, again, what’s going in the public meetings and ask yourself again is that OK,” he said.  “I don’t think it is and I’m encouraging others to step forward and say, ‘It’s not OK.'”

Wilburn also noted he would consult with his attorney on whether or not to release the voicemails.

Wilburn said his partner was the one who encouraged him to make the report to law enforcement and said the situation is being investigated by the Ames Police Department and Iowa State Patrol.

“I do intend—if they are able to find the person or persons behind this—to press charges,” Wilburn said.


by Ty Rushing


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1 Comment on "IDP Chair Ross Wilburn to Press Charges After Lynching Threat"

  • I have zero tolerance for such horrible and hateful behavior. Am glad Chairman Wilburn reported these threats to law enforcement. No tolerance for threats and bullies. Also have zero tolerance for the goons who followed Sen. Sinema into the ladies room to harass her about a vote – shameful! Chairman Wilburn has his hands full with trying and preserve Iowa’s first in the name caucus. Biden’s 31% approval rating in Iowa is a complete and total drag statewide as we recently lost a special election in House Seat 29, first time in 46 years the seat has flipped-no coverage of that on ISL. IDP should be at DEFCON 1 status after losing that election . Axne is the lone Dem member of congress and she put her big foot in her mouth again by attacking Christians. Best of luck to Chairman Wilburn as he needs all the support he can get in lieu of the current political climate.

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