Thrane: Reynolds Sending Troopers To Border Nothing But A Political Stunt

Iowa Gov.Kim Reynolds followed the lead of other Republican governors loyal to the former president when she announced on June 24 she was sending Iowa State Patrol officers to the U.S. Southern Border.

“My first responsibility is to the health and safety of Iowans and the humanitarian crisis at our nation’s southern border is affecting all 50 states,” Reynolds said. “The rise in drugs, human trafficking, and violent crime has become unsustainable.

“Iowa has no choice but to act, and it’s why I am honoring Texas’ Emergency Management Assistance Compact following assurances from the Iowa Department of Public Safety that it will not compromise our ability to provide all necessary public safety services to Iowans.”

Reynolds’ announcement surely satisfied her base, however many of us — mostly immigrants and advocates — are tired of her political stunts.

“She’s out of control,” said Alicia Pena of Des Moines. “I believe she is playing politics. She doesn’t care about the children at the border without their parents. She’s no Governor Ray who welcomed the Tai Dam people who continue to thrive because of his compassion for others and did not play politics”.

Reynolds rejected a federal aid request to house unaccompanied migrant children in April, citing a lack of facilities. During an interview with WHO Radio, she said finding homes for them is the “president’s problem.” Let us reflect on the morality of that response from the governor — these are mostly children running from danger not posing danger.

To use the most vulnerable among us as political stunts is not only against any Christian or God-fearing principles, but it’s also inhumane. To say you want to do right by Iowans and act in a manner that does not reflect Iowans makes absolutely no sense.

Well, that may also depend on the set of Iowans she serves.

Reynolds and her party — mostly pro-business and economic recovery folks — must find a balance if they want the state to overcome the financial damage from the pandemic.

Most pro-business individuals understand we need meaningful diversity and inclusion, and that we need to create an environment where folks feel welcomed. Words that reflect the contrary will have Iowa crying for workers who may choose more welcoming places to raise a family where they can be treated with dignity and respect versus Reynolds’ rhetoric.

People who come from immigrant communities have noticed.

“There are so many restaurants without workers right now and the only people that are working are Latinos, they are the most hardworking people,” said Lilian Giles of Des Moines. “With the governor’s actions, Latinos are going to leave the state and these small businesses are the ones that are going to pay the consequences”.

The governor may have a strong line of businesses who support her financially and otherwise, but at the end of the day, those businesses rely on workers. Reynolds must demonstrate some humanity and compassion for the immigrants that help make Iowa great.


by Claudia Thrane
Posted 07/12/21

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