Democrats In For A Bad Night In Iowa

Initial results in Iowa look like it’s going to be a red wave that rivals if not surpasses 2016.

Polk County posted stunning results for Iowa House Democratic incumbents early this evening, with both Heather Matson and Karin Derry losing suburban seats. Matson’s race was not even seen by either party as competitive — she was expected to win handily. Andrea Phillips, who was engaged in a high-spending race with incumbent John Landon, lost by about seven points.

Without those seats, a House majority will likely be impossible and Republicans should retain full control of Iowa government. But moreso, if Democrats are actually losing ground in areas where they were poised to win new votes, it spells disaster across the state.

It appears that Iowa experienced massive voter turnout today, and that new turnout heavily favored Donald Trump and the Republicans.

As of 10:00 pm, both Joe Biden and Theresa Greenfield led in their races, but most of what came in is the early vote for large counties.

Starting Line will continue to update with new stories as things develop.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 11/3/20

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  • Can’t wait to read step by step results. President should call fit senate investigations in each contested state. Pennsylvania has been a voter fraud state since 1865. Time to clean it out for good. Nevada, many reports of fraud activities. Get it cleaned up.

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