Key GOP Member Rebukes King’s Committee Reinstatement Effort

By Elizabeth Meyer

May 13, 2020

Ohio Congressman Steve Stivers, a member of the Republican Steering Committee and former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, refuted today Rep. Steve King’s claim his House committee assignments will be reinstated next year.

“As long as I am a member of the Republican Steering Committee, I will not allow hate & bigotry to influence legislation passed by Congress,” Stivers said on Twitter. “He will not be serving on any committee.”

Among other duties, the steering committee, made up of 30 House Republicans, recommends which members serve on which committees.

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Stivers’ rebuke of King was made in light of the 4th District congressman’s recent claim he “reached an agreement” on April 20 with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that he would “advocate” to the steering committee for the reinstatement of King’s committee assignments.

Prior to his removal, King served on the agriculture, judiciary and small business committees.

“… when Congress goes back into session and the steering committee can be brought together, I have Kevin McCarthy’s word that then that will be my time for exoneration,” King said Monday during a 4th District primary debate.

Wednesday night, a spokesperson for McCarthy told Starting Line “Congressman King’s past comments cannot be exonerated.”

“Committee assignments are determined by the steering committee,” the spokesperson said, “and he will have the opportunity to make his case.”

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In January 2019, days after a New York Times article was published in which King questioned why “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” were offensive terms, the Republican Steering Committee unanimously decided to keep King off House committees during the 116th session of Congress, spanning 2019 and 2020.

During the debate, King blamed the Times’ article for the fact he faces four challengers in the June 2 primary.

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In a Wednesday post to Instagram, coupled with the text “Stand Against Racism,” Congressman Stivers said “Steve King does more to hurt Republican and conservative causes than help.

“… I will not allow that type of person or that type of ideology to influence the legislation passed by Congress,” Stivers said.


By Elizabeth Meyer
Posted 5/13/20

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