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Starting Line will be tracking the Iowa staff of every 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. We’ll include candidates’ national staff only if they have a very specific Iowa connection or background. Part of each person’s past campaign experience will be listed under their name (I’m still filling in some of this – it’s taking a while).

We will have to make a cut-off at some point when it comes to who all we list. We won’t keep track of every field organizer on here, but will try to give a sense of how large each candidate’s field team is.

*Updated 8/18/19 – We haven’t fully kept up with this list since August, so consider it unofficial at this point.


Michael Bennet

Brian Peters, Iowa State Director

Mitch Schwartz, Deputy Press Secretary

Garrett Stephens, Iowa Political Director

Camilo Vilaseca, Iowa Field Director

Carson Turner, Iowa Regional Field Director

*Bennet has 20 Iowa staffers as of mid-October

Joe Biden

Jake Braun, State Director
Obama national deputy field director

Jesse Harris, Senior Advisor
LS2 Group, IDP Coordinated Campaign Director

Adrienne Bogen, Organizing Director

Julia Krieger, Communications Director

Lucas Oglesbee
Iowa Democratic Party

*Biden has about 75 total staff in Iowa as of mid-August, around 60 of which are part of their field team (we’re behind on getting their leadership team updated)


Cory Booker

Mike Frosolone, Iowa State Director
Iowa House Democrats director

Haley Hager, Iowa Director Of Operations
Next Gen Iowa state director, Wendy Davis campaign

Sarah Sterner, Iowa Organizing Director
Ohio organizing director, Clinton 2016 caucus campaign

Zach Bernstein, Deputy Iowa Organizing Director

Matthew Lee, Iowa Data Director
Next Gen Iowa

Tess Seger, Iowa Deputy Communications Director/Press Secretary
IDP communications director

Francesca Lucia Iowa Political Director
Deputy campaign manager for Cindy Axne

Caroline Closson, Regional Organizing Director
Iowa House Democrats deputy director
Jacob Hamblin, Regional Organizing Director
Ohio Coordinated Campaign RFD
Adam Henderson, Regional Organizing Director
Iowa House Democrats campaign manager

*Booker has about 50 total staff in Iowa as of mid-August.


Steve Bullock

Megan Simpson, State Director
Montana coordinated campaign director

Jeremy Busch, Communications Director
Fred Hubbell press secretary

Nick Marroletti, Organizing Director
Connecticut Democratic Party, Clinton Caucus Campaign

Jack Segal, Political Coordinator
Alexandra Cleverley, Political Coordinator

Maeton Jameson, Regional Organizing Director
Tom Orabuena, Regional Organizing Director
Patrick Eisenhauer: Data Director
Jacqueline Ridberg: Deputy Organizing Director
Edward York: Regional Organizing Director
Mike Hegarty: Regional Organizing Director

*Overall, Bullock has 25 staffers in Iowa as of mid-August.


Pete Buttigieg

Brendan McPhillips, Iowa State Director
Andrew Gillum primary campaign manager

Casey Clemmons, Deputy State Director
IDP GOTV director, Clinton caucus organizer, Gillibrand caucus director

Ben Halle, Communications Director
Communications Director for Planned Parenthood

Kevin Groh, Organizing Director
Stacey Abrams GOTV Director

Julie Stauch, Political Director
Iowa political consulting, campaign management

Bailey Romans, Deputy Political Director
Hillary Clinton caucus campaign 2016, IDP regional field director

Lala Xu, Data Director
J.B. Pritzker campaign

Matt Harrison, Operations Director

Sydney Throop, Outreach Coordinator
Reason To Believe PAC

Sara Goldstein, Regional Organizing Director
Obama Administration

*Buttigieg had about 60 Iowa staff in total as of mid-August.


Julian Castro

Cynthia Sebian-Lander, Iowa State Director
Deidre DeJear campaign manager

Marika Bresler, Iowa Organizing Director
Next Gen Iowa field director, Jason Kander organizing director


John Delaney

Brent Roske, State Director

*Delaney has about 20 staff as of mid-August.


Kamala Harris

Will Dubbs, Iowa State Director
Pennsylvania coordinated campaign director, Clinton 2016 caucus Sioux City regional director

Deidre DeJear, Iowa Campaign Chair
2018 Iowa Secretary of State candidate

Zack Davis, Iowa Senior Advisor
Barack Obama campaign, Next Gen state director, Let America Vote state director

Nora Walsh-DeVries, Political Director
John Norris campaign manager, Need To Vote outreach director, Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign

Miryam Lipper, Communications Director
Tim Kaine press office

Sharon Yang, Press Secretary

Erin Phillips, Field Director
Pennsylvania coordinated campaign, RFD in Virginia, Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign

*Harris added 9 regional organizing directors in Mid-May, has about 65 staff as of mid-August.


Amy Klobuchar

Lauren Dillon, Iowa State Director
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Deputy Director, DNC Research Director

Andrew Nelson, State Organizing Director
IDP Canvass Director, Iowa House Truman Fund Field Director

Courtney Rice, Press Secretary
North Dakota Dem-NPL Press Secretary, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Deputy Press Secretary

Jamie Woods, Political Director
Chair of Iowa Black Caucus, Phyllis Thede and Ako Abdul-Samad campaigns

Andrew Larabee, Iowa Deputy Organizing Director
Barack Obama field organizer, John Hamilton Bloomington, IN campaign

Alli Peters, Iowa Digital Media Manager
Dean Phillips congressional campaign

*Klobuchar has 40 total Iowa staff as of mid-August.

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Beto O’Rourke

Norm Sterzenbach, Iowa State Director
Former IDP executive director, Iowa political consultant

Margaret Jarosz, Caucus Director
D’Alessandro for Congress campaign manager, Hubbell deputy campaign manager, Sanders 2016 campaign 

Cyrus Shick, Organizing Director
Missouri Democratic Party coordinated campaign director

Caroline Grey, Deputy Caucus Director
Civis Analytics, DNC, Barack Obama 2012 campaign

Geoff Burgan, Communications Director
Andrew Gillum campaign communications director

Frances Swanson, Press Secretary
NextGen Iowa

Danya Rafiqi, Press Assistant
Eric Giddens Campaign, Senate Majority Fund

Chris Hall, Political Director
State Representative from Sioux City

Alex Freeeman, Deputy Political Director
Tim Gannon, Martin O’Malley, Bruce Braley campaigns

Jennifer Fiihr, Operations Director
IDP, Tom Harkin, OFA

*O’Rourke 45 total Iowa staff as of mid-August.


Bernie Sanders

Misty Rebik, Iowa State Director
Cathy Glasson campaign manager, One Iowa, Planned Parenthood

Evan Burger, State Caucus Director
CCI Senior Organizer, Sanders 2016 campaign

Tony Anthony, Deputy Caucus Director
Sanders 2016 deputy caucus director, DC Attorney General Karl Racine campaign

Michael Fasullo, Field Director
Cathy Glasson campaign, ran Chicago city council race, Pennsylvania state legislative campaign

Abshir Omar, Iowa Political Coordinator

Roger Oullette, Communications Director
Cathy Glasson campaign, Sanders 2016 campaign

Joe Fahey, Iowa Scheduler and Operations Coordinator
Iowa Democratic Party, Pete D’Alessandro Congressional Campaign

Brooke Adams, Deputy Field Director
Organizing Director of Student Action, Bernie 2016 Organizer

Alex Lio, Regional Field Director
Jumaane Williams for NYC Public Advocate, Stacey Abrams for Governor, Cynthia Nixon for Governor

Pete D’Alessandro, Senior Advisor
Congressional candidate, Sanders 2016 state campaign coordinator, Vilsack and Culver administrations

Jessica Vanden Berg, Senior Advisor
Christie Vilsack campaign manager, IDP, Jim Webb campaign manager, Tulsi Gabbard chief of staff

*Sanders has about 50 total Iowa staff as of mid-August.


Elizabeth Warren

Janice Rottenberg, Iowa State Director
Iowa coordinated campaign director, Hillary Clinton caucus campaign

Emily Parcell, Iowa/National advisor
Barack Obama campaign, Iowa political consulting

Brendan Summers, National advisor
Barack Obama campaign, IDP caucus director

Kane Miller, national advisor
Abby Finkenauer campaign manager, Hillary Clinton caucus campaign

Daniel Wasta, Political Director
State Treasurer’s office, state senate campaigns manager

Tova Yampolsky, Deputy Political Director
Hillary Clinton 2016 caucus campaign

Jason Noble, Communications Director
Des Moines Register chief politics reporter, Let America Vote communication director

Kevin Liao, Iowa press secretary

Juliana Amin, Iowa Organizing Director
Hillary Clinton caucus campaign, Terry McAuliffe

Rachel Cowell, Iowa Deputy Organizing Director
IDP RFD, Clinton caucus campaign

Chelsea Carrier, Iowa Deputy Organizing Director
Fred Hubbell Deputy Field Director, IDP RFD, Clinton caucus campaign

Dan Bram, Voter Contact Program Director

Bobby Bauch, Training Director

Emma Welsh-Huggins, Digital Director

Alex Barbieri, Data Director

Hanna Haddad, Deputy Data Director

Alex Abrahams, Deputy Data Director

Sophia Passacantando, Digital Press Assistant

Karla Galvan, Digital Programs Manager

John Russell, Rural Outreach
Past Ohio congressional candidate

Roy Pagans, Regional Political Director
Trent Seubert, Regional Political Director
Jon Jarmon, Regional Political Director
Sam Slaton, Regional Political Director
Stephanie Medina, Regional Political Director

*Warren has about 65 total Iowa staff as of mid-August.


Marianne Williamson



Andrew Yang

Rob Bingham, Iowa State Director

Al Womble, Iowa Campaign Chair
3rd District Democrats chair



Former Candidates

Eric Swalwell

Eddie Alvarez, Iowa State Director

*Had started to build a field team

John Hickenlooper

Sam Roecker, Iowa Advisor
Patty Judge campaign manager, Iowa campaign consultant

Ferguson Yacyshyn, Iowa Caucus Director
IDP field director

Kimberely Boggus, Iowa Political Director
Polk County Democrats activist, NextGen Climate

Kirsten Gillibrand

Lara Henderson, Iowa State Director
Fred Hubbell finance director, Brad Anderson campaign manager

Rachel Irwin, Communications Director
DCCC Midwest press secretary

Casey Clemmons, Iowa Caucus Director
IDP GOTV director, Clinton caucus organizer

Haley Barbour, Political Director
Fred Hubbell deputy finance director

Andrea Nemecek, Iowa Organizing Director
Arizona Democratic Party, J.B. Pritzker campaign, Iowa Democratic Party

Jesse Brooks, Deputy Organizing Director
Andrew Janz for Congress (CA-22) Field Director, Michele Smith for Alderman (Chicago) Deputy Campaign Manager

Ashly Banta, Deputy Political Director
Former Polk County Democrats Vice Chair

Lucy Westerfield, Deputy Communications Director and Policy Advisor
Field Organizer, Iowa Democratic Party 

Stef Monson, Data Director
Pennsylvania Democratic Party

Maya Bentley, Digital Organizing Director
Nevada Democratic Party Organizer, Organizing Corps 2020 Application Selection Specialist

*In addition to headquarters staff, Gillibrand has a field team of five regional organizing directors and about 20 field organizers. Overall, they have 35 staffers on the ground in Iowa as of mid-August.



Photo by Lauren Johnson


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