Senate Confirms More Judges, Though Not As Bad This Time

While the country’s focus is on the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, the Senate yesterday and today is in the midst of confirming 13 more federal judges for district courts across the country.

None of these nominees have drawn the same controversy as some of the others and most have reasonable experience for the job, whether because they currently serve as judges or they have significant legal careers.

In their Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings, the nominees overwhelmingly recognized precedent from the Supreme Court and the circuits their future seats belong to, and promised to abide by it.

When the question was asked, the nominees agreed that Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v Hodges are settled law. They also recognized the racial bias in the criminal justice system when the question was asked.

Four nominees break the standard mold for Trump nominees.

Two were previously nominated by President Barack Obama in 2015, but held up in the Senate by Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Another has a long record of supporting and donating to Democrats. And another will be the first African American woman nominated by Trump.

As of now, Trump has appointed 173 judges to lifetime, federal judgeships.

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The Judges

Matthew McFarland, nominated to be district judge for the Southern District of Ohio, currently a judge on Ohio’s state court of appeals.

Confirmed Dec. 18: 56-38

Anuraag Singhal, Southern District of Florida, currently serves as a judge for Florida’s state circuit court of appeals

Confirmed Dec. 19: 76-17

Karen Spencer Marston, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, works as an assistant United States Attorney

Confirmed Dec. 19: 87-6

Daniel Mack Traynor, District of North Dakota, currently a North Dakota lawyer. Member of the Federalist Society

Confirmed Dec. 19: 51-41

Jodi W. Dishman, Western District of Oklahoma, currently an Oklahoma lawyer.

Confirmed Dec. 19: 75-17

John M. Gallagher, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, currently a United States Attorney, used to be a police officer.

Confirmed Dec. 19: 83-9

Bernard Maurice Jones II, Western District of Oklahoma, currently a magistrate judge for the Western district of Oklahoma. Magistrate judges are appointed to assist district court judges.

Mary Kay Vyskocil, Southern District of New York, currently a bankruptcy judge for that district.

Kea Whetzal Riggs, District of New Mexico, currently a judge for the New Mexico state district court.

Robert J. Colville, Western District of Pennsylvania, originally nominated for the Pennsylvania district court in 2015 by President Barack Obama. Currently serves as judge for the Court of Common Pleas.

Lewis J. Liman, Southern District of New York, currently a New York lawyer.

Gary Richard Brown, Eastern District of New York, nominated by Obama in 2015, currently a magistrate judge for the Eastern District of New York.

Stephanie Dawkins Davis, Eastern District of Michigan, currently a magistrate judge for the Eastern District of Michigan, the first African American woman Trump has nominated for a federal judgeship.


by Nikoel Hytrek
Posted 12/19/19

2 Comments on "Senate Confirms More Judges, Though Not As Bad This Time"

  • Gee. These obviously weren’t picked by the person occupying the Oval Office. None of them seem to be really bad choices (well, except, perhaps for Judge Traynor. I’m not sure I’d trust someone from the Federalist Society.)

  • Thanks for writing this up, but it just raises more questions from me. I thought all the Trump nominees were being cleared by the Federalist Society. Is that true here? If not, why not?

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