Ernst In April: “Heaven Forbid” We Change Social Security

Joni Ernst has made headlines recently for saying politicians should “sit down behind closed doors” in order to avoid scrutiny as they change Social Security policy, but it’s not the first time this year she’s made interesting comments on it. Ernst can be heard talking about Social Security in a video taken during a stop in Dubuque on April 25, 2019. “Yes, isn’t it amazing that so often we only start talking about Social Security or Medicare when it hits the headlines?” Ernst asks in the video. “And it is something that we should be working on all the time. […]

Top Iowa Gun Safety Activist Backs Elizabeth Warren

A featured guest at one of Elizabeth Warren’s very first campaign events in Iowa is now endorsing the senator in the Iowa Caucus. Amber Gustafson, the former Iowa chapter leader of Moms Demand Action, made her choice public today. “Elizabeth Warren doesn’t just talk about ‘big, structural change’ because it sounds good in a tweet. She fights for it because she knows a system that has been corrupted and manipulated to serve only the richest and most powerful is unfair, un-American and, ultimately, unsustainable,” Amber Gustafson said in a statement. “It’s our chance to address the challenge of climate change […]

Ep111: What Doomed Iowa’s Virtual Caucus

Pat Rynard sits down to discuss what is happening in Iowa this week with presidential candidates, as well as the three big factors that led to the demise of Iowa’s Virtual Caucus option.

How To Ease The Worry About SCOTUS Health Scares

With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent hospitalizations and Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death in 2016, public attention has been understandably glued to the health of the Supreme Court justices. And with the ideological balance of the Court ever at risk, the stakes of an illness can unnerve any partisan. A number of suggested reforms to the Supreme Court could mitigate those concerns. One is term limits, which would give every president a chance to appoint at least two new justices, with a new member never more than two years away. That would eliminate the need for justices to work through […]

Michael Bennet’s Education Plan Is More Than An Appointment

Much like Jay Inslee became the preeminent voice in the Democratic Party on climate change, Michael Bennet of Colorado has presented himself as the leading expert on public education. He spent yesterday in Iowa at a series of education-related roundtables and policy roll-outs, drawing on his experience as the former superintendent of the Denver Public Schools. “I do believe that there’s nobody in the field who’s had the same kind of experiences I’ve had with public education,” Bennet said yesterday at a campaign event in Des Moines. “And I think that would help, when we have a world with the […]