What To Watch In The Post-Labor Day Sprint To The Caucus

As the old Iowa Caucus saying goes, once the Pumpkin Spice Lattes go on sale, it’s decision time for Iowans. Or, wait, is the traditional dividing line Labor Day? Well, anyway, the point is that we’ve clearly moved into a new, more serious phase of the presidential race. We’re well past the “early” stage, voters have tuned in, many of the most engaged activists have already chosen a side and time has very nearly run out for any candidate who hasn’t “broken out” yet. About half of Iowans may yet wait to make their decision until a month or two […]

EP110: Iowa Starting Line Podcast is Coming Back

Iowa Starting Line will be bringing the podcast back this week. Pat Rynard sits down for a quick few minutes to talk about where we’ll be taking the podcast, when it will come out and what you can expect from week to week. There will be recaps, interviews, story dives, analysis and more.