Joe Biden Defends Obamacare In New Personal TV Ad In Iowa

By Josh Cook

August 27, 2019

“Health care is personal to me,” Biden says in his new ad. “Obamacare is personal to me.”

The ad addresses Biden’s personal experiences, drawing on a car accident that took his wife and daughter’s lives, as well as his son Beau’s struggle with brain cancer.

The messaging in the new ad is similar to what Biden’s message has been on the campaign trial: Obamacare was a huge step forward, and Biden would like to build on it and continue its legacy, not scrap it.

Speaking of Obamacare, Biden says, “When I see the President try to tear it down and others propose to replace it and start over, that’s personal to me too. We got to build on what we did because every American deserves affordable health care.”

“Personal” was part of a large ad buy in Iowa, targeting TV viewers in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities and Sioux City as well as Iowans across the state on social media.

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This ad will also be paired with another ad, titled “Bones,” that highlights what is at stake during this election, and how Biden can “restore the soul of the nation” – another common theme in Biden’s stump speech. It also touts his electability argument, showing a number of polls that have him defeating Donald Trump.

In the Des Moines TV market, Biden’s team made a hefty purchase, as this new ad campaign cost nearly $150,000 for just a few weeks of TV spots.

To follow this up, the Biden team is launching smaller ads of six, ten and fifteen seconds on digital platforms that will showcase key parts of Biden’s plan to protect and build on the ACA. These ads will span Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Hulu.

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“We are continuing to spotlight a central pillar of Vice President Biden’s campaign: building on the progress of the Affordable Care Act so every American has an affordable quality health insurance option and access to health care,” said Greg Schultz, campaign manager, Biden for President. “Protecting the ACA from Republicans seeking to tear it down, or from others proposing to replace it, is a crucial and personal issue for Vice President Biden and for Americans across the country. We are reaching Iowans on the airwaves and online to create a surround-sound message about protecting and expanding their access to health care.”


by Josh Cook
Posted 8/27/19



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