A Tale Of Two Candidates; The Old And New In Burlington Visits

At the outset of his speech last week in Burlington, former Vice President Joe Biden told the crowd his remarks would be different than planned. “I planned on coming … to talk about agriculture policy, unions, rural policy, etc.,” said Biden, at a barn-themed event space in rural Burlington. “But too much has happened in the recent past, and I have prepared for me, what is a speech that I hope will set a marker for what we should be doing.” For some in the audience, comprised in part by local party leaders and labor union officials, Biden’s speech sounded […]

“The ACA Saved My Life.” Ernst Called Out On Health Care Votes

“About two years ago, I walked into a doctor’s office with a nagging cough and walked out with a stage-four cancer diagnosis,” said Laura Packard, a cancer survivor and health care activist. “But I’m still here today because the Affordable Care Act saved my life.” Packard is now in remission, but says she couldn’t have afforded her six months of chemotherapy and month of radiation treatments without the Affordable Care Act – the one thing keeping her insurable. “If my cancer returns, I will be bankrupt or dead without good health insurance,” explained Packard. “That’s why we’re going around, state […]

Kamala Harris Wins Major Iowa Caucus Endorsement

Photo: Kamala Harris’ first visit to the Asian & Latino Coalition meeting in October 2018. Senator Kamala Harris won the coveted endorsement of the Asian & Latino Coalition of Iowa this evening, beating out the field in a very sought-after contest. It comes on the heels of Harris’ five-day, river-to-river bus tour throughout Iowa, her most time spent in the lead-off state yet — she had left the state hours earlier before the endorsement. That trip was a reflection on Harris’ doubling-down of her campaign’s investment in Iowa. They built out their ground game this summer, now numbering among the […]

How Iowa State Fair-Goers Narrowed Their Candidate Options

The list of Democratic presidential candidates who attended the Iowa State Fair was so long this weekend it forced undecided voters to choose which of the 20 candidates they wanted to see speak at the Des Moines Register Political Soapbox the most. Tom Steyer made Wes Boldt’s list. Boldt, of Des Moines, said he likes that Steyer is a business man and said he has a good way of getting his message out to everyone. It was the first time Boldt watched Steyer speak in person, and he thought he was “excellent.” “This guy versus Biden would be a great […]

Top 10 Caucus Moments From The Iowa State Fair

It’s going to be hard to ever top the past four days of politicking at the Iowa State Fair. About 20 presidential candidates in all roamed the fairgrounds from Thursday to Sunday, jumping into the media spectacle that is Iowa Caucus campaigning. Only Pete Buttigieg and Seth Moulton’s trips to the Fair remain. Starting Line was on hand for all the festivities. Here’s our top ten political moments from the 2019 Iowa State Fair so far: The Massive Crowds The most striking political visual over the first four days of the State Fair didn’t come from the candidates tossing fastballs […]