Gov. Steve Bullock Rolls Out Six More Iowa Endorsements

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is rolling out his second round of Iowa endorsements today, which includes six Iowa Democrats, just days before the Iowa State Fair. Several of them hail from rural, Republican-leaning counties, and they include former secretary of agriculture candidate Tim Gannon’s parents.

Bill and Kathleen Gannon of Mingo, Iowa are both now supporting Bullock for the caucus. Bill Gannon is a former state legislator and past Democratic candidate for governor. They farm in Jasper County.

“Simply put: As president, Governor Bullock will get the job done,” said Bill Gannon in a press release. “I believe that with the right leadership, government can be an agent for good that lifts up every American. Governor Bullock’s shown that in even the most divisive of times, he can forge solutions to achieve needed progress. I’m proud to support him at every step along the way.”

Also on the list is Jonna Jensen, a Jackson County activist and faith leader from Maquoketa; Ray Blase, a founding member of West Des Moines Democrats and Ankeny Area Democrats, from Ankeny; Dave Muhlbauer, Crawford County Supervisor from Denison; and Suzette Jensen, a former six-year Des Moines School Board member.

This group joins Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Iowa DNC member Jan Bauer, two leading Iowa Democrats who previously endorsed Bullock.

This week saw Bullock’s first appearance on the presidential debate stage, one in which he got some decent reviews from Iowans at debate watch parties.

“Word is getting out that Governor Bullock has what it takes to beat Donald Trump and make government work again,” said Megan Simpson, Bullock’s Iowa State Director in a statement. “Governor Bullock’s growing list of statewide endorsements are a testament to the vision he laid out on the debate stage: ensuring a fair shot for all Americans, including places like Iowa that Washington has left behind.”

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Four of the six new supporters live in the kind of rural, Republican-trending areas of the state that Democrats used to at least be competitive in, but have gotten crushed in in recent years. Bullock has pitched himself as a candidate who do considerable better in those parts of the country.

“As a farmer, a rural County Supervisor, and a father, I know I can trust Governor Bullock to lead us back on course to ensure that no matter where you live, everyone has a shot to be successful,” Muhlbauer, of Denison, explained.

Jensen, who’s been heavily involved in Polk County politics, highlighted Bullock’s other main pitch of fighting dark money.

“He was the only candidate to actually take a strong stand against Citizens United and has fought and won against dark money in Montana,” Jensen said. “I’ve been impressed with his accomplishments from expanded access to healthcare to making college more affordable.”


by Josh Cook
Posted 8/2/19

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