What Steve Bullock Gets About The Rural Vote

Late to the race? Low name recognition? Steve Bullock doesn’t care if you’re writing him off; he’s running to fight for the written-off. Bullock’s campaign is in full swing as he prepares for the next round of Democratic primary debates, one that he should be a part of and which will be his first crack at the national stage. To establish a presence in Iowa, Bullock was on his sixth trip since announcing to the lead-off state, taking a tour of POET, an ethanol production facility in Gowrie, and stopping at a grain co-op in Rippey, Iowa on Tuesday. He […]

A Look Inside The Fight To Save Iowa Voting Rights

The battle to overturn portions of the Republicans’ 2017 voter ID law raged on in a Polk County District Court trial several weeks ago. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and Iowa State University student Taylor Blair are challenging several key portions of the law. If LULAC and Blair are successful, the worst aspects of the law may be overturned. The voter ID law restricted Iowa voting by requiring very specific, government-issued voter identification at the polls, changes in early voting and absentee voting requirements. The June 2019 trial is a continuation of the suit filed in May […]

McDonald’s Worker That Sanders Marched With Featured In New Ad

A Cedar Rapids McDonald’s worker is featured in a new campaign ad for Bernie Sanders. In it, the senator encourages the fast food chain to set a $15/hour minimum wage and to negotiate with a union. “The fight at McDonald’s is a fight for millions of working-class people who are sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages,” Sanders says in the ad. “They are sick and tired of not being able to afford rent, or healthcare, or child care for their children. Today, we say as loudly and clearly as we can to McDonald’s: Pay your workers […]