Bullock Endorsed By Same Iowa Duo Who Hyped Obama

Steve Bullock earned a big endorsement this week when former chairwoman of the Story County Democrats and DNC member Jan Bauer announced she’d be supporting the governor.

“When I look at a candidate and I’m evaluating candidates, their ability to put together an organization and get organized is probably what I look for most,” Bauer told Iowa Starting Line. “When you get to this point in the game, everybody is pretty solid on the issues, so there’s a variance there but not a great deal. For me, organization is the most important thing.”

Bauer said Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who has also endorsed Bullock, introduced her to the governor back in 2016.

Historically, Bauer and Miller make quite the pair.

The two endorsed Obama in 2007 when he was still struggling to earn recognition in the polls. They also were both on board with John Kerry in 2004, another caucus winner.

Bauer said she was really impressed by Bullock when he came to Iowa to campaign for Tim Gannon, Rob Sand and Diedre DeJear.

“That’s important to me,” Bauer said. “The down-ticket races are always neglected and overlooked by everyone.”

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She said she hopes her endorsement will help Bullock out since he was left off the debate stage, a fact Bauer said seems “arbitrary.”

“He’s the chair of the National Governors Association and he is a governor who won in a very red state in the last presidential election cycle,” Bauer said. “That’s impressive.”

Bullock also praised Bauer in a news release earlier this week.

“Jan embodies the heart and spirit of the Democratic Party. Her decades as a successful grassroots leader among Iowa Democrats is nearly unmatched,” Bullock said in the release. “Simply put: I am humbled and grateful to have Jan on our team as we fight to make sure every American has a fair shot.”


by Paige Godden
Photo by Julie Fleming
Posted 6/27/19

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