Newman Abuissa Lends New Perspective To 2nd District Race

Newman Abuissa has never run for a political position before, other than lobbying fellow Democrats to serve as a convention delegate during the 2004 presidential election. But a lack of political chops is part of the appeal of his unconventional candidacy to represent Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, Abuissa said. “I am a grassroots candidate,” Abuissa, 58, told Starting Line. “I think there’s a need for dialogue and debate, and I think it’s important that we do that in a democratic country and try to be a model for the rest of the globe.” He was undeterred by the fact Rita […]

Candidates React To Court Ruling On ‘Domestic Gag Rule’

Yesterday, the Trump Administration got one step closer to restricting abortion access in the United States at the federal level. A three-judge panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, covering the Western part of the United States, ruled that the federal government can block federal grant money from health care providers if they offer information about abortion or have family planning services in facilities where doctors also perform abortions. In response, ten of the Democratic candidates running for president made statements on Twitter as of early Friday afternoon reiterating their support for Planned Parenthood and their opposition to this […]

Iowa Women Face Longer Travel Times To Abortion Services, Limiting Access

Despite recent efforts to limit it, abortion is still legal in Iowa up to 20 weeks. However, the procedure isn’t easily accessible to all Iowans. Iowa has eight Planned Parenthood clinics, five of which provide abortion services. There are also a few other clinics that provide the service. But these providers are concentrated mostly in the central and east-central parts of the state with locations in Des Moines, Urbandale, Ames, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids and Council Bluffs. This means people in the northern, western and southern parts of the state have to travel, sometimes hours, to access abortion […]

Ep107: National Vs. Iowa Primary Strategy, Ro Khanna Interview

Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard talks with former Lt. Governor Patty Judge about the debate over candidates running a national primary strategy versus and early state approach. And we interview Congressman Ro Khanna of California about his work on linking rural Iowa to Silicon Valley, combatting social media disinformation, and his role as Bernie Sanders’ campaign co-chair.