10 Reasons For Supporting A Presidential Candidate

Guest piece from Dick Goodson, a Des Moines resident and former chair of the Des Moines Committee on Foreign Relations. 10 reasons to support a specific candidate for President: The candidate must be impeccably honest and truthful. The candidate must treat all individuals with respect regardless of race, sexual orientation or nationality. The candidate needs to understand that, if elected, they will be representing all Americans regardless of party affiliation. If elected, the person needs to focus on the poorest and least fortunate of our citizens and work to provide them with opportunities to succeed. On the issue of immigration, […]

Where Was Joni Ernst’s Squealing Over Tariffs?

Making Washington squeal was a major theme used by Joni Ernst in campaigning for the Senate in 2014. She has continued to claim that she is holding Washington accountable by declaring a monthly, “Joni’s Squeal Award.” She has used that squeal award to highlight numerous trivial spending issues and attack various Democratic proposals. Where is her squealing fury over Trump’s destructive tariffs? If Ernst is serious about bringing to light Washington policies that damage Iowans, why is she failing to call out the unbearable tariff pain inflicted on Iowa farmers, businesses, consumers and communities?  The massive costs imposed on Iowans […]

Joni Ernst Target Of New Group Highlighting Iowans’ Struggles

Sen. Joni Ernst’s voting record on Medicaid expansion and protecting insurance coverage for Iowans with preexisting health conditions was the subject of the launch of a new grassroots organization in the state working to amplify examples of everyday hardships. Emily Holley, executive director of Iowa Voices, introduced the new initiative Thursday at the Iowa Statehouse with a press conference highlighting the health care experiences of two Iowans directly impacted by policy decisions made in Washington and Des Moines. And Holley had a story to tell, too. She told the audience about chronic pain she has suffered for more than two […]

USDA Grants Boost Small Iowa Towns, But Funding Now At Risk

As small towns across the country struggle to attract or retain businesses, the USDA has been awarding a number of rural development grants to help stimulate growth. “I just feel like there’s been a reinvigorated interest in rural issues and communities, and seeing that manifest itself in different ways has been really encouraging,” said Grant Menke, the Iowa State Director of USDA Rural Development. “Iowa is pretty much the best in the nation at the rural economic development program.” Decorah, Iowa, took advantage of one over a decade ago that helped develop their now-lively commerce and arts scene in town. […]

Pete Buttigieg Only Candidate With Plan For Expanded Supreme Court

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is the only candidate among 21 who has laid out a full vision for reforming the Supreme Court.  Though many other candidates have recognized the need for reform, Buttigieg has advocated for expanding the number of justices during his campaign. His idea for the expansion would put the new number at 15 and would involve five justices with Democratic affiliations, five connected to the Republicans and five bipartisan justices recommended by the other ten. The model for this plan comes from a paper that will be published in the Yale Law Journal […]

New Finkenauer Bill Focuses On ‘Ignored’ Rural Health Care Providers

Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer was back in her home district this Monday to introduce a new piece of legislation centered on helping health care providers cover the costs of serving Medicare recipients. At St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Finkenauer laid out the pieces of the “Keeping Physicians Serving Patients Act of 2019,” a bipartisan bill authored with the assistance of Republican lawmakers from Nebraska and Illinois, in addition to Democratic Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin. “I want to get it done, and I’m going to figure out ways to get it done, especially finding common ground across the aisle to […]

Violence Against Workers Spikes At Independence Facility

Four staff members were attacked while working at the Independence Mental Health Institute over a nine day period, according to an AFSCME Council 61 statement earlier today. The incidents began on June 6 when a residential treatment worker was hit on the head and jaw by a patient who escaped restraints. The staff member is now collecting workers’ compensation and is being treated for a head injury, a cervical sprain and TMJ pain. A registered nurse was attacked the same day. The RN was punched in the nose and scratched. The RN gave notice of her planned resignation, then was […]