Trump’s Real Russian Collusion: NATO

The real collusion between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is evident in Trump’s pro-Russian actions across the world. President Trump’s relentless attacks on NATO, his promotion of far-right nationalist politicians, his defense of authoritarian leaders, and his assaults that weaken the European Union all directly benefit Putin. Trump’s actions and statements advance Putin’s goals of dividing Europe and weakening NATO. Robert Mueller explained that his investigation “established that the Russian government perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency… it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts, [though] the investigation did not establish […]

Joe Biden Aims Criticism At Trump In General Election-Style Events

The way Joe Biden and President Donald Trump sparred Tuesday during their separate trips to Iowa, one might think they already were in the midst of a general election campaign. But it’s only June, and Election Day is more than a year away. Biden kicked off his Southeast Iowa swing Tuesday afternoon in Ottumwa, a working-class town situated in a county that gave 57.5% of their vote to Trump in 2016. There he addressed a standing-room-only crowd. After a brief interruption by an anti-abortion protestor (who followed him on campaign stops throughout the day), Biden began his remarks with acknowledgment […]

Explainer: How Trump’s Small Refinery Waivers Are Undercutting Farmers

Donald Trump will be in Iowa today, touring an ethanol plant in Council Bluffs, to celebrate the Environmental Protection Agency’s lift of a seasonal ban on E15, allowing for year-round sale of the gasoline mixture containing 15% ethanol. The ethanol tour was recently announced with Trump set to come to the state for a Republican Party fundraising event. The move to enforce year-round production and consumption of certain ethanol blends comes at a convenient time for Trump, but hasn’t gone without criticism. Farming advocates and Democratic presidential candidates call it an empty gesture, considering what else the White House is […]

John Deere And The Democrats

Guest post from Porter McNeil, a Democratic communications consultant. He was the Illinois Communications Director for the Kerry-Edwards’ Presidential Campaign and helped on Tom Vilsack’s first gubernatorial campaign as a staffer for (David) Axelrod & Associates. He is a regular Democratic analyst on WHBF-TV (CBS) in the Quad Cities. An American president tells us not to support John Deere — What?! The same president, who’s telling farmers to be patriots for the sake of a China trade war with no plan or allies, is now likely to blame for John Deere’s plans to scale back 20% of production at major […]

Steve Bullock Ties His IRS Fight To Iowa Labor, Women’s Health Laws

Montana Governor Steve Bullock blames the radical changes Iowa’s collective bargain laws have undergone in recent years on the so-called “dark money” that’s being funneled into the state, he said during an interview with Starting Line last week. The Democratic presidential hopeful is fighting back against dark money and foreign money by suing the International Revenue Service over its decision to overturn a decades-old transparency requirement that prevents ultra-wealthy donors and special interest groups from pumping unlimited money into campaigns without disclosure. Bullock explained there’s been a rule in the books since the Richard Nixon administration that requires nonprofit organizations […]