For Senate Democrats, A Tumultuous Three Years

Jeff Danielson’s decision to resign from the Iowa Senate yesterday was the latest reminder of how much upheaval the Senate Democrats have experienced in recent years. The Democratic side of that chamber is a very different place than it was a little over two years ago in mid-2016. A slew of departures – both voluntary and not – have resulted in a complete reshuffling of their membership. Of the 26 Democratic senators who were serving through 2016, only 11 remain today. Seven were defeated over the course of two campaign cycles, but eight others left for a wide variety of […]

From CAFOs To Fireworks, Iowa Republicans Dismantle Local Control

Republicans have long preached that the best government is the one closest to the people. Based on this basic conservative principle, one might expect that they would promote the autonomy of local governments from the overreach of federal or state rules and regulations. Historically, the GOP has been an advocate for local control and has been critical of using state and federal power to overturn local government decisions. However, Republicans in many red states have reversed their long-standing support for local control as blue state cities and counties have flexed their muscles by pursuing progressive agendas. The Iowa GOP has […]

Ep81: New Legislators, School Funding, And Pete Buttigieg Interview

The Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard is joined by State Representative Lindsay James to talk about presidential drop-ins at the Statehouse, what it’s like being a new legislator, and what the Republican school funding bill means. And we interview Mayor Pete Buttigieg during his first trip to Iowa since announcing his presidential run.