How To Win Polk County (Part 1)

Sean Bagniewski was elected as one of the youngest chairs in the history of the Polk County Democratic Party in March of 2017. As his first term comes to a close, he authored this series of four articles for Iowa Starting Line on what has worked well in Iowa’s largest county party, home to almost one third of the state’s Democrats and a prime battleground for the Iowa Caucuses. In this first of four installments, he analyzes the 2018 election results that registered Polk County’s highest Democratic vote margins in history. With the electric combination of strong candidates and suburban […]

Iowa Republicans Try To Revive The Death Penalty

Democrats expected that the Republican-controlled legislature and Republican governor would continue to be emboldened to pursue an extreme agenda in the current session.  Much of the new legislation introduced so far by Republican legislators confirms the Democrats worst fears. Ranging from abolishing the Iowa Department of Education (Sen. Zaun), ending university tenure, relaxing gun control measures to more assaults on reproductive health; it is a far-right wish list. Their agenda is based on an ideologically-driven scheme to literally take Iowa backwards. It is a rejection of common sense and fact-based solutions replaced by far-right dogma. The Republican bill to reinstate […]

Love, Reparations, And Fighting Back: A Marianne Williamson Iowa Tour

She’s the presidential candidate that you may not have heard about, but millions of others outside the usual political circles have. Marianne Williamson, who has over 2.6 million Twitter followers, a collection of best-selling books, and frequent guest appearances on shows like Oprah’s, crisscrossed Iowa this week as part of her official White House run kick-off tour. The author of many spiritual and self-help books like A Return To Love, Williamson knows her candidacy doesn’t follow the traditional route, but in a wide-open year like 2020, that’s not deterring anyone. “I know there will be 1,736 people who will be […]