Andrew Yang Hopes UBI Pitch, “Cheap” Donors Lift Campaign In Iowa

Entrepreneur and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joined the Johnston Area Democrats for breakfast Saturday, his eighth visit to the state. It was part of a three-day tour around Iowa. Yang spent a lot of time emphasizing that, from his experience and career as an entrepreneur, he sees his unique campaign platform to provide each and every American adult $1,000 per month as a critical next step for the country. Universal basic income (UBI) is Yang’s flagship policy proposal. Yang says this policy idea, which he calls the “Freedom Dividend,” has resonated with voters more because of the mentality behind […]

Steve Bullock Places Staff In Iowa To Lay 2020 Groundwork

Montana Governor Steve Bullock has placed at least one staffer in Iowa for preparation for a possible presidential run, Starting Line has confirmed with multiple sources. It would be the latest sign that Bullock is still headed toward a 2020 bid after he visited the lead-off caucus state four times in 2018. His team is scheduling a return trip for the governor in about two weeks. Megan Simpson, a native of Dubuque, is headed back to Iowa to begin laying the groundwork for a Bullock organization in the state. She will serve as the organizing director for Bullock’s Big Sky […]