Iowa, You Inspired Me. And In November, You’ll Lead The Way

Guest piece from New Jersey Senator Cory Booker on his recent trip to Iowa. It was an honor to be in Iowa last Saturday until Tuesday of this week, traveling across the state in support of your incredible ticket of Democratic candidates. What I witnessed lifted, encouraged, and inspired me: 1,200 Iowa Democrats filling a convention hall to support candidates up and down the ballot. Dozens rallying in the rain on a front porch in Adel before voting early at the county courthouse. Many more packing shoulder-to-shoulder into a storefront campaign office over the lunch hour in Boone. Filling a […]

NextGen Launches Major Digital Effort To Turn Out Young Iowans

NextGen Iowa is launching a major digital advertising campaign that goes through the final weeks of the election, targeting young Iowans to encourage them to vote on November 6. The $162,000 online expenditure in Iowa is part of a national $4 million effort from the progressive organization that is focusing on youth turnout this year. The ad blitz kicks off on October 15 and is targeted at over 170,000 Iowans between the ages of 18 and 35. They will run on a wide array of websites, social media sites and video services, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Hulu, Vevo, […]

Senator Grassley, Please Stop Talking

Chuck Grassley can’t seem to stop putting his foot in his mouth after the Kavanaugh hearings and vote. Last weekend, he was asked why there aren’t more Republican women on the Senate Judiciary Committee. “It’s a lot of work — maybe they (women) don’t want to do it,” Grassley said. The Grassley-led hearing on Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court greatly deepened the widening political gender gap between men and women. Grassley’s statement that women might not want to do the work of the Judiciary Committee feeds the perception held by many women that many men just don’t get […]