Booker Sets The Bar High For 2020 Field After First Iowa Visit

Boone County Democratic activists didn’t know they were hosting a major event with Cory Booker until late this past Saturday. About 36 hours later, over 200 cheering people gave the New Jersey senator a hero’s welcome at a Monday mid-day rally in the small town of 12,000. When Booker entered the county party’s headquarters to an amped-up audience that was literally packed to the rafters, it felt like a real “moment.” Booker had gotten a lift to the event on congressional candidate J.D. Scholten’s “Sioux City Sue” RV. About a dozen people waited out on the sidewalk, peering down the […]

Eric Swalwell Gets Some Free TV Time In Iowa

Another potential 2020 Democratic contender is appearing in Iowa TV ads over a year out from the Iowa Caucus, though he’s not having to pay for them. Iowa Senate Republicans have decided to use Congressman Eric Swalwell of California as their new boogeyman in local legislative races. Their latest TV ad is attacking Democratic state senate candidate Vicky Brenner for hosting a fundraiser with Swalwell, then links her to policies they claim he supports. Swalwell has travelled extensively across Iowa to help down-ballot Democrats as part of his preparation for a potential presidential run. “She brought in liberal San Francisco […]

Iowans Call Out Young And Blum’s Lies On Pre-Existing Conditions

You can tell that Republican Congressmen Rod Blum and David Young are worried about their votes to kill healthcare reform. All three Iowa Republican Congressman – Blum, King and Young – voted for the Republican health care replacement plan, the American Health Care Act. The GOP plan would have eliminated protections of those with pre-existing conditions making insurance unaffordable or entirely unavailable to the most vulnerable Americans. Both Blum and Young are claiming they now support protecting folks with preexisting conditions after voting to eliminate these protections. Votes don’t lie so these two Congressman are attempting to rewrite their voting […]

How Bad Is Iowa’s Mistaken Felon Disenfranchisement Problem?

Guest post from Adam Kenworthy, chair of Iowa Voting Rights Project KCCI reported on an important story last week regarding a man who was told he could not vote because he was classified as a felon. However, what the reporting revealed was that in fact the man was not a felon and that the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office had classified him as one incorrectly [update: the Secretary of State’s office clarifies that is was the federal courts that erroneously classified the man as a felon; the Secretary of State’s office fixed it within an hour of hearing about it]. […]