Republicans Bash Immigrants, But Can’t Survive Without Them

Iowa Republicans latest attacks on immigrants have their agricultural constituents worried about losing their critical workforce. Following the tragic murder of Mollie Tibbitts, Republicans from Trump on down saw an opportunity to attack Democrats on the issue of a broken immigration system. Trump immediately blamed Tibbetts murder by an undocumented immigrant on Democrats. “Democrat immigration policies are destroying innocent lives and spilling very innocent blood,” Trump said. “We believe that any party that puts criminal aliens before American citizens should be out of office, not into office.” Governor Reynolds, Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst all wasted no time in blaming […]

Ep53: New Caucus Rules & Julian Castro Interview

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard talks with former IDP executive director Norm Sterzenbach about the DNC’s changes to caucus states and superdelegates. And we sit down with Julian Castro to discuss his potential 2020 run and what he sees as key to Democrats’ success.