Former GOP Senator David Johnson Endorses Fred Hubbell

Republican-turned-independent Senator David Johnson is endorsing Fred Hubbell for governor over Kim Reynolds today, the Hubbell campaign informed Starting Line this afternoon. Johnson left the Republican Party in June of 2016 over his disgust of Donald Trump’s nomination. His backing of Hubbell over Governor Reynolds adds a new talking point for Hubbell in his attempt to win over independents and former Republicans who are frustrated with the direction of that party under Trump. “Fred Hubbell and Senator Rita Hart are the leaders Iowans need to turn the page on the Reynolds Administration’s record of failure, and restore the services and […]

It’s Not Anti-Cop To Ask Questions In Death

There was snow and ice on the ground in Burlington on the morning of Jan. 6, 2015. About 10:30 a.m., police were summoned to 104 S. Garfield Ave., where Autumn and Gabriel Steele were arguing outside their house. Less than a minute after Officer Jesse Hill arrived to investigate, Autumn Steele, 34, was on the ground. She had been mortally wounded by a bullet accidentally fired from the officer’s gun. Hill said he was defending himself from the family’s dog, which came growling toward him. He slipped on the snow as he drew his gun from its holster. Since the tragedy, […]