Cecile Richards In Iowa: Turning Out Women Key To Midterm Victories

Turning out female voters who typically only vote in presidential races will be key to Democrats’ success in Iowa’s midterm elections, former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told a packed room in Des Moines of over 250 women on Thursday. Speaking to the Polk County Democrats’ annual Women’s Event fundraiser, Richards congratulated Planned Parenthood of the Heartland for their recent Iowa Supreme Court victory on the 72-hour waiting period for abortion. But she reminded them that the November election could determine just how long-lasting those wins are. “This battle to protect access to women’s healthcare and affordable healthcare in this […]

Five Messages Iowa Democrats Can Rally Around In 2018 Races

Does it seem like Republicans send out an email every morning with their key talking points? All their spokespeople immediately begin to repeat these points and they have their message for the day. It’s obviously not that simple, but most would probably agree that Democrats aren’t nearly as adept at uniting on messaging either nationally or locally. In presidential years, the Democratic candidate is expected to provide the overriding message and slogan that other Democratic candidates down ticket can simply repeat and follow. Remember the effective 2008 Obama slogan? “Hope and Change we can believe in.” Preparing for November 2018 […]