Democrats’ New Generation Of Leaders Win Primaries, Look To November

Many of Democrats’ elected officials at all level of Iowa government will look a lot younger if things go well this November. A new generation of young Democrats won primaries and secured nominations in last night’s primary in key races across the state. Half of Iowa Democrats’ congressional candidates will be under 40. As will half of their non-incumbent statewide candidates. And exciting, young Democrats prevailed in several local legislative primaries that will ensure them a seat at the Statehouse. That all is no small feat in a state with a much older population that often prefers to vote for longtime […]

Why Is Reynolds Defending Trump’s Trade War?

Iowa farm leaders and manufacturing industry leaders have hit the panic button as Trump’s tariffs jeopardize the state’s economy. Trump’s trade war is quickly escalating as China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union have already retaliated or promised to punish Iowa’s agricultural producers. Iowans realize that even though they may not be directly involved in agriculture, the Iowa economy is closely linked to farmers’ income. The farm crisis of the 1980s caused a financial catastrophe that rippled throughout the Iowa economy. Meanwhile, Governor Reynolds claimed after her April agriculture meeting with Trump that he was listening. “The president listened to […]

Deidre DeJear Wins Primary, Could Be First Black Statewide Official

Secretary of State candidate Deidre DeJear narrowly defeated Jim Mowrer in the Democratic primary today, propelling her to a matchup with incumbent Republican Paul Pate. Were DeJear to win in November, she would become Iowa’s first black statewide elected official. DeJear’s candidacy for the top elections official post will be a deeply personal effort for the 32-year-old business owner. Born in Mississippi, her father didn’t have the chance to vote for much of his life in the Deep South state. “When my dad was born, he didn’t have the opportunity to vote,” DeJear told Starting Line for an earlier story. […]