Hubbell Leads, DMR Poll Shows, But Convention Still Possible

Fred Hubbell holds an 11-point lead over Nate Boulton in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, the Des Moines Register’s just-released poll shows, but Hubbell isn’t yet breaking the 35% needed to avoid a convention. That gives every candidate hope that they can still maneuver their way to the nomination in case no one gets enough to win outright on June 5. Here’s the level of support the poll found for each candidate among likely Democratic primary-goers: Fred Hubbell: 31% Nate Boulton: 20% Cathy Glasson: 13% Andy McGuire: 5% John Norris: 5% Ross Wilburn: 3% Undecided: 24% That 24% remaining undecided vote […]

Boulton Raises Half Million+, Unions Pitch In On TV, Digital, Doors

State Senator Nate Boulton will report having raised over a half million dollars for the January 1 to May 14 reporting period, bringing his total raised in the gubernatorial race to $1.6 million, his campaign tells Starting Line. He’ll close out the last two weeks of the primary with over $100,000 cash on hand, which should be enough to compete on TV and finish with a real GOTV effort. The report will include donations from 1,483 specific individuals, including 778 new donors since their previous filing. They had over 2,700 contributions this period, brining their total number of donations up […]

Rob Sand Out-Raises Mary Mosiman 3-To-1 In Latest Finance Report

Iowans don’t often pay much attention to the election for State Auditor every four years. They certainly will be watching in 2018, thanks at least in part to Democrat Rob Sand’s continued fundraising success. Sand’s campaign will report raising $179,000 in the January 1 – May 14 report that is due on Monday, bringing his total raised for the race up to $380,000 (he brought in $200,000 in the first seven weeks of his campaign). That $179,000 figure means that he once again brought in more money in one fundraising period than incumbent Republican State Auditor Mary Mosiman raised for […]