Ep33: Fred Hubbell Interview & Democratic Enthusiasm

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard speaks with 13th District Iowa State Representative Chris Hall about upcoming elections & Democrats’ predicted ‘blue wave,’ followed by an interview with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell.

Where The Early Vote Numbers Are Highest For Democrats’ Primary

Early voting began for the June 5 primary last week, but the overall numbers for the Democratic primary aren’t too impressive yet. A big reason for that is due to the later start of the early vote – Republicans reduced that timeframe from 40 days to 29 with their new voting restrictions. And the new requirements for additional information on absentee ballot requests may have made campaign efforts to collect those more difficult. Regardless, the numbers that we have so far are interesting and could have an impact on how turnout in the primary could favor certain Democrats. Starting Line […]

Kim Reynolds Gives $25,000 Tax Cut To Millionaires

Under the tax bill signed by Governor Kim Reynolds, millionaires cash in with nearly $25,000 in tax cuts annually while middle class Iowans will receive between $100 to $300. Lower income Iowans will get a whopping $18 per year in cuts. The Iowa Policy Project (IPP), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that focuses on tax and budget issues, has issued estimates of the tax cuts on various income groups. Reynolds’ original tax plan differed from the more extreme version ultimately passed by the Republican controlled legislature. However, since Reynolds happily signed it, she owns it and she must be forced to […]