EMILY’s List Endorses Six Women In State Legislative Primaries

Photo: top, left to right: Molly Donahue, Lindsay James, Ann Fields. Bottom, left to right: Lori Egan, Janice Weiner, Mary Stewart. The influential pro-choice organization EMILY’s List is wading in to several state legislative primaries in Iowa. The national group announced this morning that they are endorsing six female candidates in local races: Molly Donahue (HD-68) Lori Egan (HD-56) Ann Fields (HD-28) Lindsay James (HD-99) Mary Stewart (SD-41) Janice Weiner (SD-37) Each race involves a Democratic primary (see our posts on the House and Senate primaries). Some are in highly competitive races, while others face relatively easy paths to the […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of A Real Debate In Governor’s Race

Guest post from ISU student Cody Woodruff. Like many other viewers of the first Democratic gubernatorial primary debate, I was disappointed with the lack of an actual debate. I may have made my decision of who to support long ago, but I still wanted to see how the candidates would interact with one another under the spotlight of a debate stage. It brings a whole new pressure with verbal sparring and jabs intended to elicit a reaction, and all of this is necessary in order to distinguish between the candidates and figure out who’s the best to go head-to-head with […]