Iowa House Primaries To Watch In 2018 – Democrats

Democrats have a good opportunity at retaking the Iowa House in the 2018 elections, but which candidates get the party’s nomination in competitive primaries could prove a key factor. There are a lot more legislative primaries than usual this year – 25 in all for the House. Part of that is due to all the retirements from Republican legislators (as well as a few Democrats). Part of it is thanks to newfound enthusiasm from both parties’ base. Democrats have a dozen primary contests, two of which are for open safe Democratic seats. I have a good handle on the dynamics of […]

Elected Officials Shouldn’t View The Public As An Annoyance

My role as executive director of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council has taken me from border to border in our state. The message I’ve preached at each stop is a simple one: Transparency is a fundamental part of good government, and government officials risk undermining their respect and credibility when they try to minimize their accountability to the citizens. Two recent events in Iowa illustrate the soundness of my sermon. Those events show that transparency often turns out to be elusive — especially when officials worry about being embarrassed or about the potential fallout from an informed public. On March […]