Iowa’s Obama/Trump Voters Still Mostly With Trump, Poll Shows

A new poll has warning signs for Democrats in Iowa who are working to win back the voters they lost to Donald Trump in 2016. According to a recently released poll from Monmouth College, 63% of voters in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District who backed Trump in 2016 after previously voting for Barack Obama in presidential elections are still supportive of Trump. And 51% of them said they’d vote for Republican congressional candidates in 2018. One of the biggest questions for the future of Iowa politics is whether Trump’s big win in 2016 was a one-off anomaly or the start of […]

Ep29: Dave Jamison Mess & John Paschen Interview

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard & show producer Chance Dorland discuss all the different components of the ongoing Dave Jamison firing & Iowa Finance Authority misuse of funds, followed by an interview with Iowa 4th District Democratic candidate John Paschen.

Gone But Not Forgotten – Labor’s Struggles With Itself

A guest post from Johnson County Supervisor Kurt Friese. Each year at the end of April, Labor organizers across the country hold a vigil of remembrance called “Workers Memorial Day.”  Here in Johnson County, it was just this past Friday.  We gathered to remember and to hear speeches, but more importantly to hear the names and stories of the 36 workers who lost their lives on the job in Iowa in 2017. Many in attendance lined up to read from a notecard about such a story. As each is read, the gathered crowd chants together, “Gone, but not forgotten.”  It […]

Are Democrats Getting Overconfident About A Blue Wave?

Democrats’ growing talk of a coming blue wave in November could backfire. The Democrats’ winning of special elections have fueled more talk about the anticipated blue wave. Even in the special elections that Democrats have lost, they are encouraged by the Republicans’ reduced margins. However, Democrats must beware of over confidence, particularly if it impacts turnout. Complacency could lead to catastrophe. We need look back no further than 2016 to see how Democrats turnout was diminished in part by a belief that Clinton would easily defeat Trump for the presidency. Nearly all the polls showed Clinton winning and Democrats were […]