Axne Knocks Greenfield’s Candidacy Ahead Of Ballot Vote

Problems with candidate petitions and signatures is nothing new in Iowa politics, but the recent spate of problems have certainly surpassed past screw-ups. Both 3rd District Democrat Theresa Greenfield and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Corbett won’t know until next week whether their candidacies might continue after initial problems with signature collections. And now another 3rd District Democrat, Cindy Axne, is publicly warning Democrats about the consequences of trying to put Greenfield on the ballot. Greenfield has been seeking a legal option all this week after her campaign manager admitting he had forged signatures set off a huge chain of events. […]

Senate GOP Seeks To Increase Majority With Female Candidates

Many political pundits are predicting that 2018 will be the “Year of the Woman” in the November election. A record number of women are on the ballot in Iowa for federal and state offices this year – 98 as of last week. And while most are Democrats, not all are. Iowa Senate Republicans have six female candidates in high-profile swing districts, which could significantly change the makeup of their caucus – they have only one female senator right now: Amy Sinclair. Four of the female Republican candidates are challenging incumbent Democrats in potential swing districts, while two are running to hold […]

Iowans Having To Sue For Basic Care; Mathis Proposes Medicaid Fix

After Senator Charles Schneider was sworn in as Senate President on March 15, Senator Liz Mathis took to the floor for a point of personal privilege. You can view her comments here at 9:15.10. It’s about five minutes. “Why should a man on Medicaid have to go to court to receive bowel care?” she asked. “I repeat, why should a man on Medicaid have to go to court to receive bowel care?” Senator Mathis then explained that a recent lawsuit was brought by a man who needed help with his bowel habits. Managed Care lowered his caretaker from seven days […]

Will Automation Technology Bring About Universal Basic Income?

The rate of technological advance in automation is likely to cause businesses to jettison huge numbers of jobs in the near future. Robots are getting programmed to flip burgers, drive cars and trucks and act as self-serve cashiers. The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that as many as one-third of U.S. workers could be displaced by automation by 2030. McKinsey suggests one solution to assist workers that lose their jobs due to automation is to provides a wage supplement or replacement, universal basic income (UBI). UBI likely could take many variations. It could be a wage supplement for low income workers. […]

Ep20: The ACA’s Birthday & J.D. Scholten Interview

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard discusses the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act & what it has meant to small businesses & their employees with Raygun founder Mike Draper & Popcorn Heaven founder Reshonda Young, followed by an interview with Iowa District 4 Democratic Primary candidate J.D. Scholten.