Waxman: Congress Needs Environmental Leaders Like Heckroth

Guest post from former California Congressman Henry Waxman

As a long-time member of the U.S. Congress and as Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, protecting the environment for current and future generations was one of my top priorities.

Throughout the 1980s, I defended the Clean Air Act against attacks by President Reagan, and later helped pass strengthening amendments enacted under President George H.W. Bush. We’ve improved and saved countless lives by limiting urban smog, acid rain, and other toxic air pollution. I introduced the first bill on climate change back in 1992.

Having retired from Congress, I am now working to support new leaders who care deeply about the environment, especially when the current Administration is systematically dismantling the policies aimed at ensuring clean air and clean water for the future. That’s why I’m proud to support Thomas Heckroth, who’s running for Congress in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.

Thomas understands that we cannot ignore the evidence and science behind climate disruption. Working for Senator Harkin, Thomas saw the challenges and opportunities that climate change is creating here in Iowa. He has always been driven to lead on this issue. That’s why Thomas also worked in the private sector for a children’s clothing manufacturer, making sure factories in the United States and abroad were meeting strong labor and environmental standards.

Fighting for our environment is going to take real leadership and a new generation of elected officials who are willing to make climate a priority. For too long we have compromised on the environment, continuing to rely on fossil fuels and building pipelines that further our dependence on oil.

That’s what makes the June 5th Democratic primary so important for Democrats in the First District. Thomas is the only candidate in the race to make environmental concerns a cornerstone of his campaign, and has a clear record of support for a clean energy future.

I’m proud to support Thomas Heckroth and I know Iowans will have an environmental champion with him in Congress.


by Henry Waxman
Posted 3/20/18

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