New Year, Same Threat To Healthcare

Each time there is another threat to health care, Iowans have spoken out. Today in Iowa and across the country, small business owners, farmers, seniors, young people, veterans and other constituents are contacting  Congressional offices to hold them, including Iowa Representatives Blum, Young and King accountable for these cruel and careless threats on our health and financial security. “As a retired educator, veteran and small business owner, I know that I am one of the lucky ones. I receive my healthcare through Medicare and the VA and have always had exceptional results. Other self-employed Iowans aren’t so lucky. Instead of […]

Meet Tim Gannon, Democrats’ New Secretary Of Agriculture Candidate

Democrats will have a strong contender for the secretary of agriculture race this year: Tim Gannon, a former USDA staffer who farms on his parent’s Century Farm in Mingo. He announced his run for the office today, and should bring considerable policy knowledge and a helpful political network to the race. It’s still unclear what exactly is going to happen with current Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey’s appointment to the USDA with Senator Ted Cruz still blocking the move. Several Republicans have announced their intention to run in 2018, and more may soon join. Gannon is likely to be the […]

What Gubernatorial Campaign Strategies For The Iowa Caucus May Look Like

The next governor of Iowa and member of Congress from the state’s 3rd District could be determined by what happens on Monday when Democrats gather for their off-year caucus. Attendees at the February 5th Iowa Caucus will kick off the caucus-to-convention delegate process, one that chooses who the party’s nominee is if no candidate receives 35% in the primary. With so many well-funded candidates in the gubernatorial and 3rd District primaries, that scenario is a distinct possibility. Every campaign has been gearing up in a big way to ensure as many of their supporters as possible end up as delegates […]

Kim Reynolds and Iowa GOP’s Draconian Cuts Were Avoidable

Governor Kim Reynolds and the Republican-controlled legislature have chosen to slash essential funding for Iowa universities, courts, human services and the prisons. Why are they refusing to consider a reasonable, common sense alternative to these painful and unnecessary cuts? The state has over $600 million dollars sitting idle, unused and available in the combined Cash Reserve Fund and the Economic Emergency Fund. According to the Iowa Code, the purpose of this rainy day fund is to meet exactly these kinds of emergency budget shortfalls. The Iowa Code section 8.56 states: “Moneys in the cash reserve fund may be used for […]