Paul Pate Hides Weakness With Loan Trickery; Tom Miller In Good Spot

Secretary of State Paul Pate has been using a shell game to hide how little money he’s raised for his reelection, and it’s not clear if he’ll even use the money he has in the bank. Pate reported that his 2017 fundraising numbers ended with $238,791 cash-on-hand. But he also had $283,500 in outstanding loans. He raised just under $26,000 last year. Oddly, his report showed both a loan of $200,000 and a loan repayment of $200,000. That’s where Pate gets into some intentional fudging of his numbers. Pate loaned his campaign $200,000 back on December 29, 2016. He loaned another $20,000 […]

Is Marsy’s Law Coming To Iowa?

Unable to run on their record of breaking Iowa’s budget, cutting working families’ paychecks or hiking college students’ tuition, legislative Republicans may have a new messaging tactic for 2018 – pulling voters’ heartstrings over a pretty, blonde white woman killed in the 1980s. At least that appears to be what’s in store for Iowa politics with a poll being conducted over the past two or three days testing Iowa voters’ thoughts on a potential state constitutional amendment for Marsy’s Law. Starting Line received the poll last night, which asked specific questions about people’s opinion of the Iowa Legislature and whether […]