Be Angry Over Shutdown – GOP Played Games With Kids And Immigrants

This guest piece from Robert Lyons posted literally just as the deal to keep the government became known. The sentiments still stand for how we got into the shutdown and for any future one in the next few weeks. There is no choice to be made between Children and Dreamers. There is no choice to be made between two vulnerable populations in need of our help whose only differences are the geographic locations of their births. But there is a choice to be made between doing the morally right thing and doing the opportunistically wrong thing. Republicans chose to present […]

Democrats Have Strong Candidate Against OWI Republican Legislator

State Representative Chip Baltimore was removed from the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee this morning following his arrest last week for an OWI and weapons charge. Speaker Linda Upmeyer announced that Representative Zach Nunn will be taking over in his place. Baltimore, a Republican legislator from Boone County, was pulled over on Highway 30 in Ames around 3:30 a.m. on Friday after local police got calls of an erratic driver on I-35, the Ames Tribune reported. When Baltimore was stopped, police found he had a 0.147 blood alcohol level, nearly twice the legal limit to drive. He was also […]