Nate Boulton Raises Nearly $1.1 Million In 2017 For Gubernatorial Bid

State Senator Nate Boulton had a strong fundraising year in 2017 for his gubernatorial campaign, raising just under $1.1 million since his May kick-off, his campaign informs Starting Line. Since the start of the new year and after the 2017 reporting deadline, he’s brought in an additional $200,000. That fundraising haul was accomplished in part by building up an extensive network of donors throughout Iowa and beyond. Boulton had 2,129 individual donors to his campaign (not including PACs), and that donor base made 3,914 individual contributions during 2017. Many of those came in the form of small dollar amounts – 87% […]

Budget Cuts, Medicaid Mess Preventing Real Progress This Year

The opening day ceremonies and speeches are over and the 2018 Iowa General Assembly is well underway. The most pressing issue facing the Legislature this year will be more budget cuts. In her Condition of the State Speech, Gov. Kim Reynolds proposed some $19 million dollars in cuts to Iowa’s universities, prisons and the Department of Human Services. Among other things, the cuts will probably mean higher tuition for Iowa students and their families. In a fairly short period of time, Iowa has gone from a budget surplus to a budget nightmare, despite a growing economy. An issue of particular interest to […]