Compare Kim Reynolds’ Speech To Her Budget Proposal

Governor Kim Reynolds laid out her agenda for the 2018 legislative session this week, presenting a set of lofty goals that hit on topics that typically have bipartisan support. But as Joe Biden often said, “show me you budget and I’ll show you your priorities.” So, let’s take a look at the budget for Fiscal Year 2019 that Reynolds released after her speech and see how it lines up with her words. Overall, Reynolds’ budget is a $196 million increase over the revised 2018 budget, though it doesn’t appear to account for potential tax cuts that Republicans are intent on making. […]

Surprise! Iowa GOP’s Legislative Agenda Is Deeply Unpopular

There’s a debate going around in the halls of the Statehouse as legislators reconvenes for the 2018 session: will Republicans pull back on their most ambitious (and unpopular) ideas to try to save their majorities, or do they figure the trifecta is gone anyway after this year, and go all-out while they still have power? A new poll released yesterday made clear that they risk their members’ reelection hopes if they double down on their initial goals for this year. Progress Iowa released a Public Policy Polling survey of Iowans this week that asked voters about a host of issues […]

Why My Journalism Ulcer Is Working Overtime On New Trump Book

Last week was a time for setbacks in the United States. The only question is which setback was greater. Was it President Donald Trump’s standing in the eyes of the American people, with a book filled with fresh allegations about chaos inside his White House? Or was it American journalism’s standing in the eyes of the American people that suffered the most? I’m no fan of the president’s, as regular readers of these columns may deduce. So, some of them might think I would be thrilled to see several hundred pages of supposed evidence that Trump is little more than […]