Why January 19 Is The Most Important Date Yet In Governor’s Race

Did you email inbox nearly implode over the past week with constant fundraising pleas from every Iowa candidate you’ve ever heard of? You’re not alone, as each campaign went all-out in the closing hours of the year, insisting that it was their┬ámost critical finance deadline of the campaign. Of course, they often say the same thing about their next deadline, real or imagined, a few weeks later. But when the Democrats’ gubernatorial candidates said that as 2017 came to an end, they really meant it. Congressional fundraising reports are pretty easy to understand – filing periods are quarterly. Fundraising periods […]

From Eastern Iowa Base, Cathy Glasson Looks To Organize A Surprise

Organize, organize, organize. That’s been the model of nearly every Democratic candidate waging an outsider run from the left for major office. If you don’t have the connections or the positions to pull in enough money to go toe-to-toe with better-funded opponents on the airwaves, best to even the odds on the ground. Cathy Glasson’s mantra is no different in her bid to secure the Democratic nomination for governor in June. Promoting a policy agenda of $15/hour minimum wage, universal healthcare, stronger unions and a clean water plan that punishes polluters has gained Glasson, a former ICU nurse and union […]

Thanks For A Great Year – The Plan Ahead For 2018

Starting Line is back from a much needed week-and-a-half break from writing over the holidays, though we were still plenty busy during that time. We’ve got a lot of great stories in the pipe for this week and next, but let’s first take a quick look back at our accomplishments in 2017. Let’s start with the most impressive factor: our readership. Starting Line ended 2017 with just under 2 million total views for the year. That’s easily double our previous two years. A good chunk of that was an explosion in views during the legislative session, each month of which […]