Boulton Campaign Projects Momentum In Video As 2017 Draws To A Close

The current phase of the Iowa Democrats’ gubernatorial primary is quickly coming to a close as 2017 nears its end, and campaigns like Nate Boulton’s are looking to show momentum as they head into the final six-month stretch of the primary. Once January arrives, the all-important fundraising reports will come out and the Iowa Legislature will be back in session. Each Democratic contender wants to show as much strength as possible to prove all their efforts this year was worth it.

To that end, Boulton’s campaign is releasing a new video Monday morning that highlights the enthusiasm that many Iowa Democrats have for the Columbus Junction native.

“I like Nate’s energy,” says one supporter in the video. “Nate Boulton makes me excited to be a Democrat again,” claims another. “It’s time for a new generation to lead,” suggests one more.

Boulton’s campaign started with a bang back in May when he announced, and the freshman senator has kept up much of that momentum throughout the year, culminating in his impressive showing at the IDP’s Fall Gala dinner. Many of the people he’s met along the way who have committed to his candidacy are featured in the video, which will be advertised online heavily to likely Democratic primary-goers.

There’s one other big reason campaigns are trying to keep up their supporters’ enthusiasm right now: the February 5th precinct caucuses. In the completely possible scenario where no candidate gets 35% in the primary election, the gubernatorial nominee will be chosen at the state convention a week and a half later. The delegates who are at that convention will be chosen through a process that starts in those February caucuses. That means that candidates need a motivated base right now – months out from the actual primary date – that can be mobilized to attend their local caucus.

Several candidates polling behind the two front-runners are hoping to catch fire near the end of the race, and they very well might. But if they don’t take that head of steam all the way to a 35% or better showing in the primary, they could find that their earlier lack of support in February catches up to them (although some are still organizing hard for those caucuses).

Boulton’s video ends with images of all the various labor and progressive groups that have endorsed him – one other big advantage he’ll have when organizing for those caucuses.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 12/4/17

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