Why Decorah Native Rob Sand Is Running For State Auditor

Assistant Attorney General Rob Sand has investigated and prosecuted cases of corruption, fraud and abuse for the past seven years for Iowa. Now he looks to use that experience to turn the State Auditor’s office into a more aggressive watchdog agency that keeps a check on powerful interests within the government and beyond. Today Sand announced his candidacy to take on incumbent Republican Auditor Mary Mosiman, kicking it off with a statewide tour that begins in his hometown of Decorah. The 35-year-old will likely be the only Democrat in the race. Preparations for the run have been months in the […]

What Every American Should Ask: Which Party Do You Trust On Healthcare?

When a major piece of legislation on healthcare or American’s retirement is brought before the Congress, which party would you rather have in power? A look at historical voting patterns might give some answers. One piece of legislation practically all Americas support was the passage of Medicare. Medicare was voted in by the House of Representatives on March 29, 1965. At the beginning of the 89th Congress, there were 295 Democrats and 140 Republicans in the House. The vote on the final passage of Medicare was 237 yeas on the Democratic side with 48 nays (8 not voting and 2 […]