Progressives Pick Up Important Local Seats In Iowa’s Municipal Races

Iowans went to the polls yesterday in municipal races for city council and mayoral seats around the state, the second big election date since the 2016 election. Enthusiasm for local campaigns have been up in Democratic circles since Donald Trump’s elections, and many races that often only see one or two candidates were packed with contenders. Democrats and progressive activists saw a number of key victories in city council races across Iowa, building upon the good night for the party with the Virginia sweep. Iowa’s municipal elections are technically nonpartisan, but you typically know who is from which party. Here’s […]

Obamacare Insurance May Cost You Less In 2018

It’s absolutely essential that Iowans needing individual health insurance coverage for 2018 shop the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace. Some Iowans may be pleasantly surprised to see that they may actually be paying less in 2018 than they are currently paying. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in some counties in Iowa a 40 year old making $20,000 choosing the Silver Plan will see a reduced premium in 2018. One of the navigators signing up Polk County residents this past Saturday in Des Moines reported that about half his customers qualifying for subsidies were getting a premium price lower or […]

Josh Mandelbaum Wins Big In DSM With Water Quality-Focused Campaign

In one of Iowa’s most-watched municipal races on Tuesday, environmental attorney Josh Mandelbaum won the Des Moines City Council Ward 3 seat in convincing fashion, taking 56% in a three-way race. Former council member Mike Kiernan received 34%, while Democratic Socialist and Somali refugee contender Abshir Omar Mahamed got a respectable 9%. Mandelbaum (who announced his candidacy at a Starting Line event) replaces longtime council member Christine Hensley, a Republican who held onto the deeply-Democratic Des Moines district for over two decades. The race between Mandelbaum and Kiernan was the most expensive municipal race in the state. Mandelbaum raised an […]