About Those 10 Reasons On Cassidy-Graham, Senator Grassley

At stake is health care access for millions, including people with pre-existing conditions. Surely these would be at the top of any list of concerns about Cassidy-Graham.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has made the point himself: The Cassidy-Graham bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has many deficiencies. “I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill should not be considered,” he told Iowa reporters.

So, let’s look at some of the reasons, on the merits, why people might have concerns about Cassidy-Graham.

  1. People with pre-existing conditions would lose access to health care. Protection of these people assured now under the ACA would be left to state decisions, with states already cash-strapped.
  2. Many who became eligible for coverage through the Medicaid expansion of the ACA would lose it. In Iowa, about 150,000 people gained coverage by this expansion.
  3. It would change Medicaid expansion to a block-grant program that provides states no flexibility to deal with recessions or prescription drug price increases.
  4. Medicaid for seniors, people with disabilities, and families with children would be capped on a per-person basis. Anything higher would be left to the states to provide. There is neither any assurance states would want to do that, or even be financially able to do so.
  5. Iowa would be marched to a $1.8 billion cliff in 2027 under this bill, with federal support dropping sharply. For context, that is the equivalent of about one-fourth of the current state budget.
  6. Millions would lose insurance coverage. While we’re still waiting for the estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, past repeal proposals show this. And, since this bill offers nothing beyond 2027 for the Medicaid expansion, via block grant or otherwise, the prospect of 32 million people losing coverage (as demonstrated in estimates in previous ACA repeal legislation) is very real.

The data shows that Iowa’s uninsured population has dropped with the advent of the ACA, or Obamacare. Census data show uninsurance in Iowa dropped by nearly half in just three years, by about 116,000 — from 8.1 percent uninsured in 2013 to 4.3 percent in 2016.

So, this is a good start on why Iowans might be concerned about Cassidy-Graham — a last-ditch effort to rush into law radical changes in the way millions nationally and over 100,000 in Iowa gained access to health care in just three years.

We invite Senator Grassley to add to the list and get us to the full 10 reasons he suggested that might cause concerns about this bill.

Or better yet, maybe together in a deliberative process that involves everyone, we can come up with a list of 10 things that any health care policy should address.

Surely the list would include insuring more people, assuring more with practical access to health care when they need it, improving public health and reducing costs. We invite Senator Grassley to that discussion.


by Mike Owen
Iowa Public Policy Project
Posted 9/26/17

4 Comments on "About Those 10 Reasons On Cassidy-Graham, Senator Grassley"

  • Grassley and Ernst need to be voted out for voting against the Iowans they were elected to represent and serve…NOT just Republican Iowans, but ALL Iowans.

  • Grassley also said the GOP campaigned to overturn the ACA, and that is the main reason he will continue to vote against Iowans he no longer supports. His old GOP friends are more important
    than the Iowans he is supposed to represents. He does not have our backs.

  • Sen. Grassley used to be an independent thinker who could be counted on to do the right thing.
    Now he has become a lapdog for Sen. McConnell and he has lost the respect and confidence of many Iowans. It is time for Grassley to retire and go back to his farm.

  • Let us all remember that our esteemed Governor Reynolds thinks the latest version of healthcare for Iowans is mighty fine also. Coupled with all of her other decisions regarding the well-being of Iowans as a whole she is more/same accountability as Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst.

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