John Norris Releases Video From His Announcement Tour

Two weeks ago John Norris set off on a six-day, 20-stop tour around Iowa to kick off his gubernatorial run, pulling in good crowds in particular at his Des Moines-area and Red Oak events. Today his campaign released a video with highlights from the tour, focusing in on scenes and excerpts that highlighted his rural background and appeal. Norris hit up a number of smaller towns on his announcement tour and during his exploratory phase, and is leaning hard on that message to show Democratic voters he can win back areas they’ve lost in recent elections.

The video has many of your requisite Iowa scenes, like walking through some fields, having a chat on small river bridge and talking with people at a picnic. Check it out:


by Pat Rynard
Posted 7/22/17

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  • Hi John this is Heidi Kendall-Newgard and I am a Simpson graduate and years ago I trained you on the switchboard I live in Spencer Ia now . I was devastated by the election and when that glass ceiling was not broken I cried for weeks I watched closely the last months and saw it slipping away and told my husband she is not gonna win and he said no one will vote for Trump listen to him he is a jerk and I told my sister Becky Kendall-Koenig and she said yes Heidi she will win.Well now I am ready to fight !I will try and get the word out in Spencer you will be our next Governor and I know many Democrats hereI live on a corner lot 4th ave east perfect for signs and I will get my hubby and sister and do all I can in Spencer to help you win So next time you are are in northwest Ia I will be there with Becky to support you in any way possible . Heidi Kendall Newgard

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