Weaver: Iowa Voters Want To Hear About The Issues

It’s not easy running for public office. Especially at the federal level and in an era where dark money routinely funds hit pieces on good people. As a candidate, your entire life gets put under a magnifying glass and opposition groups can spend tremendous amounts of money to discredit you or scare you away if they think you are a threat. Last month, the top Republican smear group in the country, America Rising, started digging into every aspect of my personal and professional life. Because I’m a government employee, they (through the Freedom of Information Act) were able to request […]

A Plea To 2020 Dems: Come To Iowa Now So We Can Move On

Bernie Sanders ended his campaign nearly ten months ago. Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump about six months ago. And yet, if you regularly peruse the online discussions of left-leaning voters and activists, you’d think we’re still smack dab in the heat of the Democratic primary. It has truly been the debate that never ends, and it really, really needs to end. Yesterday we predictably got another fresh round of Hillary hate and Hillary defense when Clinton sat down for an interview with Christiane Amanpour, during which they discussed parts of her failed campaign. What she said didn’t really matter online, as any […]

Evans: You Won’t Beat Steve King With A Former Psychic

Two of my friends are polar opposites when it comes to politics. One is oh so liberal. Excuse me, oh so progressive. The other is conservative. Quite so. They don’t often agree on issues. On other topics, they are fine. Just not on politics. That’s the reason it was so unusual earlier this month when these two found themselves agreeing on one of the most-talked-about news developments in Iowa politics since Bruce Braley made those stupid, derogatory comments about the possibility “a farmer” — read that, Chuck Grassley — might end up chairing the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. The latest […]

Abby Finkenauer Launches Congressional Bid On Working Class Message

Drawing heavily on her life experiences growing up in a working-class family, Dubuque State Representative Abby Finkenauer officially entered the 1st Congressional District race today. She’s currently in her second term in the Iowa House, and at age 28, would become one of the youngest members of Congress is her candidacy is successful. Her campaign website is live and has several videos of her media appearances and speeches. “I grew up in a working class family. This is personal,” Finkenauer said in a press release this morning. “This is my family; these are my friends and my neighbors. From these […]